What Is Boy Short Underwear?

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Boy short underwear is a style of undergarment that was inspired by men’s undergarments but designed to fit the body of a woman. This style of underwear is considered the answer to the much more revealing thong panty: it is suitable for wearing underneath clothing but provides much more coverage and comfort. Styles of boy short underwear range from simple and modest to sexy and ornate, making them a versatile option suitable for multiple tastes, outfits, and occasions.

Essentially, boy short underwear resembles low-slung, very short, tight shorts, similar to their traditionally male counterpart, boxer-briefs. The relatively low waist allows women to wear this style of undergarment underneath low-rise pants, shorts or skirts without displaying their underwear to the public. Boy shorts are characterized by their longer length, which usually covers the majority of the buttocks, although the exact amount of coverage can vary. Some boy shorts cover the entire rear, whereas other styles are cut a bit shorter and provide a bit less coverage.


Many women choose boy shorts as opposed to thong underwear because they are more modest, comfortable, and suited to everyday wear. The thong was once acclaimed as the best undergarment to wear in order to avoid panty lines that were visible beneath thin or tight clothing, but many boy shorts boast the same sartorial benefits with more coverage. Seamless boy shorts made from thin and stretchy microfiber will lie flat against the skin and stay in place without bunching or riding up, which makes it ideal for wearing under tailored or tight outfits. This style of underwear is also ideal for wearing under a flowing dress or skirt, since it provides fuller coverage in the event of a sudden gust of wind or similar wardrobe malfunction.

Boy short underwear can be made from several different materials and serve several different purposes. Simple, everyday styles are often made from soft cotton, stretchy cotton blends, or the aforementioned microfiber. Colors and patterns are limited only by the imagination of designers, although a nude pair that matches the wearer’s skin tone is usually the most versatile option for practical wear. Sexier styles can be made from satin, lace, or silk, and are generally intended to be worn as lingerie or with a matching camisole as loungewear. While boy shorts are certainly not intended to be worn in public, one exception is in the realm of swimwear, where traditional bikini-cut bottoms can sometimes be replaced with swimsuit bottoms cut in the same style as full-coverage boy short underwear.


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Post 3

About all I ever buy is boy shorts underwear for my girls' since this is their favorite kind of underwear. I tried this for myself, but didn't feel it was very comfortable at all.

I felt like it kept riding up and I constantly felt like I wanted to pull it back down. Lately when I go to the store to buy underwear, it takes me a long time just to sort through all the choices.

There are so many different styles and patterns to choose from that it is easy to buy the wrong kind of underwear. More than once I have had to return the package I bought because it wasn't what I thought it was.

Post 2

I have a few pairs of boy short underwear, but I don't think they do as good of a job of hiding a panty line. They are much better than a traditional pair of underwear, but if you want to completely hide a panty line, a thong is the only way to go.

If I am wearing a pair of jeans I like to wear boy short underwear. If I am wearing a light pair of slacks or a dress though, I think there are better choices available.

Post 1

If I had to choose between wearing boy short underwear or a thong, I would choose the boy short panties every time. For me, there is no comparison in how much more comfortable they are while doing a great job of not showing a panty line.

I also have several pairs of low-rise pants and this way I don't feel like my underwear is showing above my waist line.

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