What Is Bottom Lash Mascara?

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Bottom lash mascara is a smear-resistant mascara sold with a tiny applicator suitable for applying the product to bottom lashes. Different cosmetic companies each have their own formula for this type of mascara, but what remains consistent is the small size of its brush, which is typically more maneuverable than large applicators. Customers are generally instructed to purchase two types of mascara by companies that sell mascara for the bottom lashes: one for their top lashes, another for bottom lashes.

Many mascara users dislike the difficulty of applying mascara to their bottom lashes, particularly because many popular mascara brands come with very large applicators. While the large applicators are often popular because they can create the appearance of very large lashes, these applicators are often quite unwieldy, and users may have difficulty effectively using them on bottom lashes. This can result in a messy application. Another problem with wearing mascara on bottom lashes is that this mascara can often flake and smear, accentuating dark circles and giving its wearer a messy appearance. In response, some cosmetics manufacturers have created bottom lash mascara.


The most significant difference between a standard and bottom lash mascara is its brush. Each cosmetic company uses a different style brush for its mascara for bottom lashes, but the applicator is generally tiny and has short bristles instead of the long, fluffy bristles often found on standard applicators. This can make it easier for the user to coat individual lashes, although some users may need to take some time getting used to working with such a tiny brush.

The formula used to produce a bottom lash mascara is typically designed to discourage flaking and smearing. These formulas will vary, however, and some users may find that one company's formula lasts longer than others. In some cases, the specific brand of mascara may require a special removal technique, such as the application of warm water and the use of slight pressure to slip the mascara off the lashes. In other cases, it can be wiped away using standard eye makeup removers.

The question of whether using a separate bottom lash mascara is worth the added expense and effort depends on the preferences of each user. For those who have had difficulty applying mascara to their bottom lashes or keeping it on, trying out this type of product may be a good idea. On the other hand, those who aren't concerned about applying or wearing mascara on their bottom lashes may wish to stick with their favorite products.


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@heavanet- Waterproof mascara is definitely a must have for bottom lashes. For women that are concerned about using regular, large mascara brushes for their bottom lashes, simply using the tip of a regular brush usually works perfectly.

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If you can't find a specific brand of mascara that is formulated just for the bottom lashes, most types of waterproof mascara will work just fine.

This type of mascara formula will not smear and run like other mascaras, which is a bonus when applying it to the bottom lashes. Waterproof mascara is also tear-resistant, which is also a quality that most women prefer in mascara that they apply to their bottom lashes.

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