What is Botanical Medicine?

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Also known as phytotherapy or botanic medicine, botanical medicine is an alternative health care option that utilizes plants or compounds prepared from plants to treat various types of illnesses. While sometimes referred to as herbalism or herbal medicine, botanical medicine actually goes slightly beyond the use of plants categorized as herbs, using all or part of all types of flora and fauna in the preparation of extracts, powders, and tinctures. The practice of botany medicine may also involve the use of aromatherapy as part of the overall treatment regimen.

Botanical medicine offers a way of making use of natural elements to treat various types of illnesses and disorders. This is in contrast to the use of nuclear medication as the primary healing strategy. While it is true that many modern medicines have their origins in the use of some type of plant matter, they also often contain synthetic elements as well. Proponents of botanical medicine claim that using what nature has provided is much better for the body and mind in the long run, if administered properly and in a timely manner.


Botanical medicines include any type of poultice, powder, or tincture that is prepared using fresh or dried herbs. The healing properties of the herbal medicinal plants may be augmented with various types of flowers, grasses, or other plants that are not generally regarded as herbs. For example, the practitioner may choose to prepare a poultice that includes petals from various flowers that stimulate the impact of the herbs. At the same time, the presence of the petals may release a pleasant odor that helps to soothe the mind of the patient, making it easier to achieve recuperative rest.

Botanical medical treatments are available for a wide range of health issues. Depression and anxiety are said to respond well to this type of alternative medicine. The use of a mixture of herbs and other botanicals is said to be able to restore balance to blood pressure levels, prevent the buildup of bad cholesterol in the system, and aid in promoting better circulation throughout the body. The treatments are claimed to help with insomnia, strengthen the body’s natural immune system, and delay the effects of aging on the vital organs.

The use of plants in the healing process goes back as far as the recorded history of humankind. Today, many people choose to seek alternative options such as botanical medicine when they are unable to overcome illness using contemporary medical remedies. Because of the widespread interest in this and other alternative medical options, instruction in the use and preparation of plants for medicinal uses has become more common. In many cases, homeopathic physicians are also trained in the arts of using fresh and dried plants in treating a wide range of ailments.


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