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Bodyattack™ is a workout program marketed worldwide by Les Mills, a distributor of branded exercise programs. It is a high-intensity cardio workout that is intended to build the strength, agility, and stamina of a participant. The intense workout mixes aerobic steps with strength and fitness training. Classes are conducted in choreographed fashion with powerful music on the background to stimulate active participation in the exercises. Anybody with a moderate level of physical fitness can enroll in a Bodyattack™ class, which is conducted in sports spas or clubs in international locations.

The workout, which normally runs for 55 minutes, is divided into phases and tracks where the intensity and challenges of the exercises progressively increase. The phases and tracks as well as the music and choreography are continually updated. The latest program release and its description are posted in the website of Les Mills at

The first phase of the workout starts with low-intensity aerobic routines to warm up a participant. Two medium-intensity tracks to increase the heart rate immediately follow. The first phase is intended to strengthen the upper body and achieve core stabilization through push-ups and workout of the triceps.

Phase two of the workout focuses on the lower part of the body. Anaerobic exercises such as squats and lunges are performed. This phase involves class interaction that allows members of the class to motivate each other to push their own limits.


The third and final phase of the workout involves more anaerobic exercises. It targets the back and the abdomen. This phase culminates with a cool-down track where the participant recovers from the workout through stretching exercises.

A participant must space class intervals properly to avoid extreme fatigue. Les Mills advises a one-day rest from the workout before engaging in another session to allow the body to fully recover from the last workout. It is recommended that a participant work out three times a week to achieve best results.

Bodyattack™ does not require any equipment in the performance of the workout. A participant should, however, wear comfortable workout attire. He or she must also wear rubber shoes, preferably cross-trainer shoes, to provide good support to the feet, as the workouts will have a lot of footwork. It is also advisable for a participant to bring a drinking bottle and a towel.

The Les Mills website provides a video to give prospective participants an idea of what to expect in a workout. The website also provides a hyperlink to assist a person interested in Bodyattack™ in locating sports spas or clubs where the exercise program is offered. Google™ Maps has been utilized to provide directions to a prospective participant in going to an accredited Bodyattack™ training site in a particular locality.


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