What is Body Shimmer?

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Body shimmer is a cosmetic product that usually comes as a powder or sometimes a liquid spray, and its main purpose is to add glow and vibrancy to the skin’s surface. There can be a lot of variety when it comes to the products’ color and shine levels. Some of the more neutral examples are little more than foundation powder with a slight iridescent shine, or body lotions with a touch of glitter; the more ostentatious have bold colors and intense glows. Choosing between the available options is usually a matter of how apparent a person wants the look to be and how understated they want the resulting glow. People who have sensitive skin or who have allergies to certain cosmetic ingredients are often advised to use only hypoallergenic products, and it can be a good idea to test the skin’s reaction on an inconspicuous place like the arm before applying it to the face and neck. Shimmers are usually available wherever makeup products are sold, and can sometimes also be made at home, too.


Consistency and Contents

Shimmers are usually presented as a makeup or skincare product that can impart a glow or shine to the skin. In most cases these products are just like ordinary face powders, blushes, or body lotions that happen to have a shine or glittery look to them. Some actually include things like crushed glitter, while others look for ways of creating shine a bit more naturally. It’s usually possible to find shimmers in a wide range of styles and intensity levels.

Application Basics

Body shimmer is most commonly applied to the face, shoulders, and arms, but it can be used on almost any part the body. Most skincare experts recommend that people only apply it to clean, moisturized skin. When it’s being used on the face, most people choose to apply their regular make-up first, and treat the shimmer sort of like a finisher or final touch. The product can sometimes also be used in place of eye shadow or blush, or lightly dusted on to bare skin for an all-over glow.

Powdered shimmers are usually is applied with a Kabuki brush to give the appearance of glowing skin. A Kabuki brush is a full dome-shaped brush made of animal hair that applies powder evenly. Synthetic Kabuki brushes can also be used for shimmer or glitter dusting powder. Liquid versions are usually sprayed on or rubbed into the skin like lotion. Experts usually recommend using just a light coating at first and applying evenly so that some areas aren’t shinier than others.

Range of Color and Shine

The sheen of body shimmer usually ranges from a light, iridescent dust to a sparkle or and intensely twinkling glitter, depending on which product is used and how heavily it is applied. Colors range from translucent to neon, and can be really bold or barely visible. Many are also lightly scented.

Where to Buy

This product can be purchased at body care supply stores, online, or at most retailers that sell basic cosmetics. Some shimmer lotions and powders are organic and can be purchased at specialty stores, but they may be considerably more expensive than those found in chain drug stores or superstores. Other types note that they have not been subjected to animal testing. Some shimmers may also be hypoallergenic or come without harsh chemicals, dyes, or artificial fragrances, which can make them more attractive to people looking for a more “natural” approach, as well as people who suffer from allergies or skin sensitivities.

Homemade Alternatives

People who are interested in making their own cosmetics are often able to create homemade shimmers pretty successfully. The easiest way to go is usually to mix cosmetic glitter or crushed sparkly eye shadow with a neutral lotion or loose face powder. Craft glitter should not generally be used, though; while this sort of glitter will certainly lend a shiny look, it can also clog pores and might cut the skin if it’s sharp. Many craft glitters are actually made with metal particles. Products not intended for close and prolonged contact with the skin can lead to rashes and irritation, too, even in people who don’t normally have sensitive skin.


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Post 3

@dinoleash- No, there is no specific time that you can or cannot wear body shimmer. However, it is more common to see women wearing it during the summer-time because it accents their skin, especially in the sun. You can wear it all-year-long if you prefer.

Body shimmer can be worn anywhere on the body. Many women wear it on their cheeks, nose, forehead, upper chest, and neck. Some women also wear it on their legs and arms but that is mostly seen during the summertime. Never over-do your body shimmer. You don’t want to glow in the dark.

Post 2

I recently bought some body shimmer and I was wondering is there a specific season or time of year to wear it? Also, what area of the body is acceptable to wear body shimmer or glitter?

Post 1

I have to say I'm not the biggest fan of body shimmer. It's OK when it's used properly, but I always see people slathering it on until they look like a Christmas ornament. Remember body shimmer fans, a little shimmer goes a very long way, so don't overdo it!

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