What is Body Sculpting?

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Body sculpting is shaping your body to look leaner and more toned. There are several ways to achieve this look. Methods range from non-invasive techniques such as exercise routines and body wraps to injections and surgeries.

A body sculpting exercise routine is a combination of flexibility and cardiovascular training with light free weights or exercise bands to shape and tone the body without increasing overall bulk. This type of exercise routine is much like cross training but without the body stress of aerobics. It aids in overall wellness, helps prevent things like osteoporosis and promote increased metabolism which can result in more calories from fat burned.

Another non-invasive body sculpting option is a body wrap. Body wraps utilize a combination of natural ingredients, such as specialized mud and seaweed, applied to body for detoxification and cellulite reduction. Body wraps can firm and tighten, usually due to a loss of water weight, but the results are usually temporary.

Mesotherapy is the newest non–surgical yet slightly invasive way to sculpt the body and manage weight. Through the use of multiple injections made up of pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications including such things as plant and herbal extracts, and vitamins, its goal is to decrease the look of cellulite and contour skin. Yet since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate the contents being injected and there has not been much study into its effectiveness, mesotherapy could possibly be a dangerous body sculpting path.


Mesotherapy ranges from $200 US Dollars (USD) to $600 USD per treatment per body part, but it requires no recovery time and results are seen almost immediately. Typically more than one session is necessary to attain the look you want. Complications can include bruising, swelling and a potentially increased risk of infection.

Body sculpting liposuction, also referred to as lipoplasty or liposculpture, is cosmetic surgical procedure often used on stubborn fat deposits which are resistant to proper diet and a regular exercise routine. Though considered a relatively safe surgical procedure, there are some risks involved. Ranging from a reaction to the anesthesia to heavy bleeding to nerve damage to increasing risk of infection, the side effects can be potentially dangerous.

Liposuction can also be costly. Prices vary according to area and amount of fat to be removed. It will also cost more for a male since it is more difficult to remove fat. The average price ranges from $2000 USD to $8000 USD per body part.

The advantages and disadvantages must be weighed on an individual basis. Though the more invasive treatments offer quicker results, the safest route to sculpt that body is through proper diet and a regular exercise routine.


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