What is Body Hose?

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Body hose can refer to several different types of hosiery or pantyhose. Hose, in general, are stockings or socks that usually have some form of elastic to keep them in place. They are often worn from foot to waist, though some styles like Spanx® are made to hold the stomach or hips in, and are usually only worn from waist to thigh. In the medieval period, hose also referred to the pants worn by men.

Thus, body hose could be any stretchy and closefitting hosiery, generally made of nylon or a combination of nylon and Lycra®, worn on the body. There are many different styles from which to choose. It should be stated that pantyhose have definitely lost some popularity, beginning in the mid 1990s, but fashion can change at any time.

Types of pantyhose or body hose that people might wear may feature a controlled top, which can slightly pull in the stomach or thighs. Colors offered are variable and could be black, any form of nude shade, or a variety of others. Hosiery of this type usually comes in two types of thickness or coloration. Opaque hose provide fuller coverage and make it difficult to see the legs underneath, while sheer hose are much more see-through.


As previously mentioned, some forms of body hose aren’t meant to be seen at all. This is true of many of the shape controlling products made by the company Spanx® and by others. They offer what they refer to as shapers, which may provide some lift to less than perfect rears, midsections, and thighs. Spanx® also makes footless pantyhose, which remain popular among those who prefer a bare foot. The company creates traditional pantyhose too, and they are among many companies who do.

Sometimes body hose refers to nylon or other closely related materials that do cover the whole body or at least up to the head. These are occasionally worn for warmth or different types may be worn under revealing costumes to give a more polished look to the body. These hose can vary in appearance, level of sheerness and durability. Tights that feature many of the qualities of body hose, but are more durable, are a better choice for repeated use.

Whole body, body hose is sometimes used as part of erotica or fetishism, but it needn’t necessarily be considered in this light. Some people find being covered head to toe in nylon a relaxing process. Others might use the extra tension of the hose to help in certain forms of contemplative exercise like yoga or tai chi.


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