What is Body Conditioning?

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Body conditioning is the practice of physical exercise to promote better health conditions in a human being. This conditioning can be performed to obtain better athletic goals. It may also be used for rehabilitation purposes after an injury.

There are multiple methods and training programs to promote body conditioning. Each program is designed to support specific athletic aspirations. These include running, biking, swimming, contact sports, and aerobic activities. Training for a sport requires dedication and focus. As the body becomes accustomed to a physical activity it will be better able to perform at a higher level.

The marathon is one of the most difficult running endurance activities. It requires the runner to complete a 26 mile course (approximately 42.19 km), which typically takes a few hours to finish. This is an extremely physically intense exercise that is the aspiration for many long distance runners. A marathon training program is an example of a body conditioning program. It is an exercise program designed to prepare the body for the stress that will be encountered during a long distance run.

Recovering from an injury requires training and exercise. These physical therapy programs are designed to get the body back into a normal condition. Most rehabilitation programs take several months to complete and are designed to return a person to a normal physical condition.


A boxer is an athlete who trains for several months to prepare for a fight. This fight conditioning is a form of conditioning that requires both endurance and strength training. A typically boxing training program will include a balance of exercise, diet, and rest. These three factors play a key role in the successful completion of most conditioning programs.

Stretching is a form of body conditioning designed to promote flexibility. This type of exercise is general used in conjunction with relaxation techniques to reduce stress. Stretching is a good program that can be added to most athletic exercise during warm-ups or cool-downs.

The martial artist is an individual who must practice body conditioning exercise. This helps the martial artist prepare for striking objects and getting hit by adversaries. A typical conditioning program will include skin toughening exercises with heavy bags. This type of conditioning program prepares the bones and muscles to take hits without feeling pain.

One example of body conditioning exercise for fighters is in the art of shin conditioning for kick boxers. A shin conditioning program consists of hitting a heavy bag with the lower legs. This continuous pounding of the lower legs develops tough skin and calluses on the shins, which makes them less susceptible to injury.


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@Certlerant: You can either contact your doctor/healthcare specialist or a personal trainer to find out which program is best for you.

Both of these professionals can assess your physical limitations and your personal weight loss or conditioning goals to tell you which diets and exercise routines will work best.

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How do I know which is the best body conditioning class for me to take for general overall health benefits?

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