What is Body Alignment?

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Body alignment typically refers to a practice in chiropractics — a field within health care that focuses on the musculoskeletal system. The practice utilizes a practitioner who stretches, pulls, massages, and applies pressure to the patient's body to improve skeletal alignment. Chiropractors argue that body alignment improves the functioning of the nervous system which in turn improves physical and mental health.

The practice is rooted on the concept of proprioception, which comes from the Latin for something akin to "one's own awareness". By restoring the spine, as well as the rest of the skeletal system, to proper alignment, proponents of the practice argue the body will self heal. That is, the body alignment procedure sets the state for proprioreceptors, receptors that recognize the change in alignment and then self heal the body's physical and mental problems. In fact, studies on body alignment programs have suggested that when the body is healthy, it can heal itself naturally without the use of medicines or harsh chemicals.

The process has been related to other techniques like Pilates, the Alexander technique and the Feldenkrais method as all three strongly suggest listening to one's own body and practicing habits that will encourage positive behavior. Both the Alexander and Feldenkrais methods encourage concentration through movement, as does Pilates.


Body alignment assists the body by using vibrational energy to heal and align both the physical detriments that are exhibited in the body as well as any subtle body issues that manifest themselves. This, in turn, is expected to improve the comfort level of the individual. The technique focuses heavily on healing, transformation, growth, and consciousness. Its aim is to create positive energy in the body which is said to also help guard and protect it against environmental pollution.

Considered by some as a type of complementary and alternative medicine, chiropractics is gaining attention and acceptance within the traditional medical community. Physicians and naturalists are beginning to use the body alignment technique to treat conditions such as:

  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Some neurological conditions
  • Some hormonal imbalances, body infections and chronic fatigue
  • Emotional patterns/instability

The technique is said to have favorable results as evidenced by the testimonials of some its clients. Sicknesses, diseases and questionable illnesses have been said to dissolve, bringing the individual back to a fully functioning and healthy state. If you feel you might benefit from body alignment, consult your health care professional.


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Post 3

can anybody explain to me what exactly dynamic body alignment is?

Post 2

I enjoy chiropractic for body alignment, but I have also had great success with yoga for body alignment. Sometimes I will go back and forth between the two modalities. The stretching and positions in yoga almost pull the spine into alignment for me. Sometimes I can feel it immediately and I always feel better when aligned, either by chiropractic or by yoga.

Post 1

I would just to attest to the benefits of chiropractic care when done by a professional. My son has severe ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), and he saw amazing results when adjusted. It took about three adjustments, done within a two week period.

He started to notice he was more focused and aware of his feelings, which helped him control his temper.

When we looked for a chiropractor it was very important to not only find one that was licensed, but also one that can integate the other modalities. Stretching, massaging, pulling, these are all things that add benefit to the treatment and not all chiropractors do this.

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