What is Bockwurst?

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Bockwurst is considered to be one of the most popular varieties of German sausages, particularly within Germany itself. The sausage originated in Berlin and is believed to have been invented by a restaurant owner by the name of Scholtz in the 1880s. In addition to being a popular German food, bockwurst can also be found abroad, particularly in western countries and in the United States. In fact, bockwurst and similar variations on the sausage are made in some parts of America.

The traditional recipe for this kind of sausage calls for veal and pork, which are finely ground before being fitted into the sausage casing. The recipe usually relies more heavily on veal than on pork. Modern variations on the dish use other meats and poultry including turkey, chicken, lamb, and pork. It is rare, but not unheard of, for the sausage to be made with horse meat. In some parts of Germany, particularly in the northern regions, bockwurst is sometimes made with fish.


As with most sausages, bockwurst gets most of its flavor from the herbs and spices that are used to season it. This sausage is most commonly flavored with salt, pepper, and paprika. The pepper that is used is usually white pepper, not black pepper. The sausage may also be flavored with parsley or chives, sometimes both. The color of the final product will be largely determined by the kind of meat that is used and the type and quantity of herbs and spices that are included for flavoring.

All of these ingredients are mixed together before the sausage is put into its casing, which is a natural product. Once this is done, the bockwurst is smoked. After the smoking process is complete, the bockwurst can be prepared and enjoyed. It may be heated and cooked by simmering it in water or by grilling it. The condiment most commonly served with bockwurst is yellow mustard.

The sausage is commonly served only with mustard and a piece of bread or a crusty roll. It is also sometimes served along with a salad or potato salad. It is normally eaten as part of a mid-day meal or an evening meal. In some cases it is served at breakfast with toast, eggs, and preserves. In true German fashion, when the sausage is enjoyed later in the day, it is commonly accompanied by a glass of beer or two.


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