What is Black Seed Oil?

Felicia Dye

Black seed oil, sometimes called black cumin oil, is derived from Nigella sativa seeds, which are normally cold-pressed to produce the oil. This oil is often used as an herbal remedy, and it can be applied externally or consumed. Both methods are said to offer significant health benefits.

Black seed oil can be used to treat headaches, psoriasis, and many other ailments.
Black seed oil can be used to treat headaches, psoriasis, and many other ailments.

Nigella sativa, sometimes called Roman coriander or fennel flower, is a flowering plant that produces seed pods that are often called black cumin. The seeds are edible. About 30% of their composition is oil, and they are commonly pressed for this oil. Black seed oil is literally black, but it is not generally too heavy.

Black seed oil is a herbal remedy to treat a toothache.
Black seed oil is a herbal remedy to treat a toothache.

Black cumin seeds are said to have been found in the tomb of King Tutankhamen, which seems likely, since the source of many of the best seeds is Egypt. It is also commonly said that the Prophet Muhammad attested to the healing power of these seeds.

Black seed oil has a complex chemical structure, and not all of its more than 100 components have been identified. Some of the essential fatty acids that have been found in the oil include stearic acid, linolenic acid, and plamitoleic acid. It also contains zinc, calcium, and niacin. All of these components appear to work together to make it a highly effective cure for many ailments, including headaches, toothaches, and autoimmune diseases. Many Muslims hold deep beliefs about the effectiveness of this oil.

Essential fatty acids are building blocks for human cells. This may explain why oil from Nigella sativa seeds is commonly regarded as a useful treatment for such a wide range of health and beauty concerns. This oil is often applied directly to the skin or mixed with other topical products, such as body creams or shea butter, to treat wounds, psoriasis, and joint pains.

Black seed oil is also available in capsule form, and some people report that regular internal consumption has many positive effects. These include strengthening the hair and the nails, relieving skin conditions such as eczema and wrinkles, and eliminating intestinal worms.

There are several places where people can purchase this essential oil. It is commonly found in health food stores and at flea markets with natural remedy vendors, and in traditional markets in some places. The oil is widely available is on the Internet.

Nigella sativa seeds, which are used to make black seed oil.
Nigella sativa seeds, which are used to make black seed oil.

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The health claims about black seed where put most aptly by The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who taught that regular use of the seeds is "a cure for every disease..." more than 1,400 years ago.

Since the 1960s, hundreds of scientific papers have been published which have confirmed the many different beneficial effects of black seed oil and its extracts on the body. Nigella sativa has been proven to help with inhibiting and reversing many harmful processes which cause disease including oxidation, inflammation, dysregulation and hormone imbalance.


@ellafarris - My daughter had issues with acne also. It seemed like we tried everything from over the counter products to prescription medicine but nothing was doing the trick until we discovered black seed oil.

It's basically a paste that you apply to the infected areas before going to sleep at night. The mixture will last up to three weeks in the refrigerator and should be applied every night until the condition clears up.

The ingredients and measurements we used are one cup ground black seed, one half cup ground pomegranate skins and one half cup of apple cider vinegar. Mix it all together and heat it up for about two minutes before application.

It might take a couple of weeks before you see any results but it worked for my daughter and I'm sure it will beneficial to your son as well. Good luck and live well.


My son has severe acne on his face, neck and back that has progressively gotten worse over the past couple of years. Can black seed oil be used to help clear up his acne? How do I buy black seed oil and how do we apply it to the skin?


I heard that black seed oil benefits our digestive system, so I started taking it a few weeks ago. I have acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome.

I started out with one teaspoon, once a day, first thing in the morning without food. The first few days it didn't seem like anything was happening so I increased the dose to one teaspoon twice a day.

After a couple of days, I definitely began to notice a difference. I had more strength and energy and I was seeing some improvement with my digestive system.

I've also noticed that since I started taking black seed that my breathing has improved and I've been getting a better nights sleep. I agree with Muhammad this truly is a miracle seed.

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