What Is Bisquick® Quiche?

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Bisquick® is a commercial baking mix made by the General Mills company. It is commonly used as a main ingredient in many different types of recipes such as biscuits and pancakes. This blended powder is also frequently used as the basis for many creative recipes such as Bisquick® quiche, a meal made from Bisquick® and eggs, with various other ingredients added according to personal preferences. The recipe is then baked and may be served as the main course or as a complete meal.

Although in the beginning there was only one type of Bisquick®, General Mills later offered several variations on the product. It is possible to buy not only regular Bisquick®, but also a gluten free version and one that is labeled as being heart smart. Any of these can be used to make most recipes, including Bisquick® quiche.

The main ingredient in the standard version of Bisquick® is flour. It also contains some oils, either soybean or cottonseed, and leavening, mostly baking soda, so that it will rise. Salt and dextrose round out the list of ingredients of this complete baking mix. Many people feel that it is the ideal foundation product for creating a variety of foods, and they like not having to mix and measure all the different components that are already found in the mix.


There are various methods that can be used for making Bisquick® quiche, but in general they involve mixing the Bisquick® with eggs and milk to make a replacement for the traditional quiche crust. Ingredients such as broccoli, mushrooms and cheese are placed in the bottom of a pan, then covered with the Bisquick® milk and egg mixture. As it cooks, all of the ingredients blend together so that it can be served like a traditional quiche. Many people find this method much easier than making the crust and putting it in a pan, then layering the ingredients on top of it before filling the crust with eggs and milk beaten together.

Bisquick® quiche is very versatile and allows the cook to many foods to the mix to create different kinds of flavors. Crumbled bacon, sausage or chopped ham go well in such recipes. Additional vegetables, including onions and tomatoes, are also popular choices for enhancing the taste. Various types of cheeses are commonly added to a Bisquick® quiche, not only to give it richness and flavor, but also to help hold everything together.


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