What is Biotin Shampoo?

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Biotin shampoo contains biotin, which is a type of B vitamin known for being good for the hair. This shampoo is often used by people who have problems with hair loss or who have very weak, unhealthy hair. While most people have adequate amounts of biotin in their systems, some people do occasionally become deficient in it as a result of taking certain medications or having various health problems. This deficiency can lead to hair loss, and people who are deficient in biotin may benefit from either taking biotin in supplement form or from using biotin shampoo.

It is possible that biotin might help with hair regrowth because it could strengthen the hair follicles, which promotes healthy hair growth. The hair shaft might also benefit from biotin, and when hair regrows it may be less likely to break off or split at the ends. When biotin shampoo is used, a person may notice that her hair appears fuller and thicker, which is likely a direct result of biotin's positive impact on the hair shaft. In spite of many claims to the contrary, this shampoo alone may not be enough to make a person's hair grow back if it has been falling out, though it may make existing hair stronger.


Biotin supplements could be helpful for a person who wants to regrow lost hair. There is no evidence that biotin shampoo alone can make hair grow because the biotin contained in the shampoo likely cannot penetrate the scalp. When a person takes biotin supplements, the nutrient is entering the body directly. If there is any benefit to be had from the use of biotin for hair regrowth, biotin supplements may be the best way for a person to take advantage of them. In addition to the hair, biotin may also improve the appearance of the skin and help boost a person's metabolism.

Even though biotin shampoo might not do much to help hair grow, many people may still benefit from using it because it could potentially improve the appearance of existing hair. The shampoo is available under many different brand names and is likely available for sale at the majority of health and beauty supply stores as well as online. If a person is experiencing excessive hair loss, he may need to see his doctor before using biotin shampoo or supplements. There is always a chance that hair loss may be related to a serious health problem requiring medical care.


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Post 4

@seag47 – I believe that using a combination of vitamins and the shampoo is most effective for strengthening your hair. I actually found out that I had a biotic deficiency, so I had to take vitamins. It was months before I learned that there was such a thing as biotin shampoo.

I had developed an itchy, dry scalp. Also, I was tired all the time. I mentioned both of these things to my doctor, who told me I needed vitamin H, which is the same thing as biotin.

I got my energy back after about a week of taking the vitamins, and my scalp returned to normal. However, my hair still broke off in odd places.

I was

looking online for a shampoo to strengthen my hair when I came across the biotin shampoo. I already knew what biotin could do for my body, so I was excited to see how it would affect my hair.

It has helped my hair tremendously. I had no idea that hair could be in need of vitamins, too.

Post 3

I think it is best to have your hair trimmed before you start using a biotin shampoo. That way, you can get rid of some split ends and start fresh, giving the shampoo a head start.

I had half an inch trimmed off my ends before I started using a natural biotin shampoo. This one has no sulfates, so it isn't harsh on my hair. It has chamomile and ginseng in it, and I prefer shampoos with natural ingredients like these mixed in with a few necessary manufactured ingredients.

The one major difference in my hair that I have noticed is volume. My hair started to feel thicker after just a few weeks, and I believe it is still increasing in volume.

Post 2

I have a friend who takes biotin vitamins and uses biotin shampoo. The vitamins have improved her health, while the shampoo has done wonders with her hair.

She used to have the worst hair I have ever seen. She had never had it colored or permed, but it stayed short because it broke off in so many places.

Once she started using the shampoo, her hair began to look better. After she began taking the vitamins, it improved even more, along with her skin. She was even able to drop a few pounds, thanks to the metabolism boost.

Everyone could use a little help in the hair department, but she must have had some sort of vitamin deficiency for hers to look that bad. She will probably use the biotin shampoo and take the vitamins for the rest of her life to avoid a return to bad hair.

Post 1

I use a biotin shampoo and conditioner that was actually originally made for horses. Once people discovered that it could help them grown longer hair, the company began marketing it for humans and horses.

This shampoo somehow stops me from losing as much hair as I had been. I used to lose enough hair every day in the shower to be alarmed. Now, I only lose a few strands.

I think that it just keeps my hair from breaking off at weak points. This allows more individual strands to grow, so my hair actually does get thicker than it could have without the biotin.

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