What Is Biotin Cream?

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Biotin cream is a cosmetic product that is primarily made from the water-soluble nutrient vitamin B7. This product is widely available in drugstores, and the most common types are used to treat scalp rashes and to promote healthy hair growth. Some nail creams also utilize biotin in conjunction with other ingredients in order to thicken nails and to relieve extremely dry cuticles. Although biotin creams might be beneficial at relieving dry skin, they are not generally recommended by medical doctors for the treatment of vitamin B7 deficiencies.

Dry skin and hair loss are common signs of biotin deficiencies. Vitamin B7 helps to work with the body to promote healthy blood sugar, as well as normal skin and hair growth. Biotin itself is thought by alternative medical practitioners to help to relieve extremely dry skin, seborrheic dermatitis, and hair loss. Using a biotin cream is preferred by some consumers because they can apply the formula directly to the area that is in need of treatment.


The most common types of biotin creams sold in drugstores are applied to the scalp. Hair loss products might also contain proteins and amino acids to help to promote growth, but any noticeable results might not appear for several weeks. Biotin creams also come in the form of moisturizing treatments that help to soothe extremely dry scales on the scalp, including seborrheic dermatitis. Such products often contain antioxidants, such as vitamin E, as well as cocoa or shea butter. Users might consider asking a pediatrician before using biotin cream to treat cradle cap in infants.

Nails and cuticles can also benefit from the use of biotin cream, and many brands infuse a variety of moisturizing ingredients within these products. It is thought that biotin can help nails to grow quicker and stronger, and the cream is used to moisturize extremely dry cuticles. Many nail salon professionals utilize vitamin B7 creams for their clients, but these products can also be purchased at either a beauty shop or a drugstore.

Vitamin B7 deficiencies are not common, but individuals who do not eat enough vegetables, eggs yolks, and fish seem to be the most prone to this condition. If a biotin deficiency is suspected in a patient, then a doctor might recommend supplements as part of a treatment plan. Patients should not utilize a combination of biotin creams and supplements without consulting with their physicians first. Antibiotics can interfere with the absorption of B vitamin supplements.


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Post 3

@alisha, @MikeMason-- I've been using biotin cream for dry scalp and flaking. Not only has the cream moisturized my scalp and gotten rid of the flakes, but my hair is growing faster and stronger too!

I had actually started losing some hair around my crown when I started using biotin cream and that completely stopped. I even have a few new strands of hair coming up in that area.

What I do with the cream is I apply it liberally within my hair line. I keep my head down to get more blood flow to my scalp and massage the cream into my scalp. I do this for a good ten-fifteen minutes. The cream makes my scalp tingle but I feel like that helps the absorption of biotin.

By the way, I wash my hair every two days, sometimes daily. I use the cream after my shower and I haven't had any buildup.

Post 2

@alisha-- I'm not sure when it's supposed to start working, but I used it for over a month and got no results with it.

Biotin can be absorbed through the skin. That's why it's becoming a more popular ingredient in shampoos and conditioners. Based on my experience though, not all biotin products work and biotin cream didn't work for me.

The other major issue I had with using biotin cream on my scalp is that it caused a lot of build-up on my scalp and hair. I have chemically straightened hair, so I only wash my hair once a week. The build up of product by the end of the weeks was just crazy.

Post 1

I'm trying to grow my hair long and both my sister and aunt told me to use biotin. I didn't know what biotin was and just asked my pharmacist about it. She showed me the biotin products they carry and there was a couple of biotin supplements and a topical cream.

I didn't buy either because I'm not sure which is better to use. I suppose I could use both, but I prefer to try one product at a time to compare results. I know that the supplements work from the inside out, but how does the cream work?

Can biotin be absorbed through the skin? How long should I wait to see results if I decide to use the cream?

If anyone has used biotin cream for hair growth and can share their experience with it, that would be great!

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