What is Biosync?

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BioSync is a deep-massage somatic bodywork method developed by Mark Lamm that combines aspects of Eastern and Western methods of healing in order to bring relief from pain, stress and other problems. Lamm says that the body stores "recordings" of past experiences, including trauma, that can "freeze" time in the body. BioSync practitioners believe that those traumas can be relived over and over again, causing physical and emotional stress on the body. BioSync is designed to help address those problems in order to ease pain and suffering. Lamm developed the BioSync method more than 20 years ago after studying dance, yoga and martial arts.

The BioSync method involves three parts of direct physical contact: penetration of soft tissue, lengthening of tissue through manual traction, and unwinding of cross-linked connective tissue. The unwinding, which is a spiral motion that releases the the collagen in the cross-linked connective tissue, is what sets the process apart from other bodywork methods. The entire process is designed to be stress-free for the body and to promote the body's own natural healing abilities, although some clients do say that the process can be painful.


BioSync treatments can be given on specially designed treatment tables that have arm rests, a split upper body, side posts and a pull-out roll — all designed to let the practitioner give the client greater range of motion. BioSync practitioners say that results can be noticed after just one treatment, although a series of treatments is recommended in order to achieve the best results. A BioSync session typically lasts from one and a half to two hours.

BioSync is designed to help in five different ways: by releasing stored trauma patterns, such as a chronically sore back; by easing event-related trauma, such as a displaced vertebra or impinged nerve; by realigning nerve cells so that they "remember" to help heal a muscle; cross-linking collagen so that flexibility is restored; and restoring the proper chi, or energy, balance.

BioSync is especially useful for people who have high stress levels; who have been in accidents or experienced other kinds of physical trauma; for those who have experienced mental trauma or difficulties; or for athletes or people who are otherwise physically active. BioSync training is offered through Lamm's BioSync Research Institute, and practitioners can be found in areas throughout the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan and Mexico.


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