What is Bio Energy Healing?

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Bio energy healing is a method of healing that typically relies on manipulating the body's energy fields. Practitioners of bio energy healing often believe that physical and psychological illnesses can lead to blockages in the flow of energy through the body's electromagnetic field. Old age and poor health are believed to drain the body of its vital energy. Bio energy healing practitioners typically use meditation techniques to control and amplify their own bio energy fields, so that they can manipulate the bio energy fields of others. Bio energy healers believe they can manipulate the bio energy fields of others to improve the flow of vital energy through the body's electromagnetic field, or increase bio energy levels within the patient's body to improve his health and vitality.

Practitioners of bio energy healing typically believe the human body possesses its own electromagnetic field. Some people refer to a person's electromagnetic field as his aura. The typical healthy person is believed to possess an electromagnetic field made up of well-balanced negative and positive areas.

Bio energy, also known as vital energy, or prana, usually flows freely through a healthy person's body. When a person becomes physically or mentally ill, or experiences significant psychic trauma, impairments in the free flow of his bio energy can develop. As a person reaches old age, his overall levels of bio energy may go down.


Those who study and practice bio energy healing believe humans are capable of manipulating one another's bio energy fields to restore the free flow of energy, or boost bio energy levels. They generally hope to restore patients to good health by removing blockages in the bio energy field and, if necessary, boosting the patient's bio energy levels for increased health and vitality.

Bio energy healers must typically touch their patients physically, in order to transfer bio energy from their own bodies. Healers are generally required to practice breathing and meditation techniques to remain aware and in control of their own energy fields. They are also usually required to maintain physical and mental health, in order to keep their own bio energy fields in the best possible condition.

Many advocates of bio energy healing believe this practice dates back at least as far as Biblical times. Some believe that the "laying-on of hands" described in the New Testament of the Christian Bible refers to bio energy healing. Others believe that this practice pre-dates Biblical accounts, and has its roots in ancient India.


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