What is Biblical Healing?

Samer Adra

The term "biblical healing" can refer either to specific instances of healing mentioned in the Bible or to modern faith healing based on biblical principles. Many religious people accept as history the various accounts of healing described in the Bible. There is much controversy, however, regarding the validity of faith healing in the modern world.

The New Testament has many references to Jesus as a healer.
The New Testament has many references to Jesus as a healer.

The Bible mentions many instances of what might be called biblical healing. In the Old Testament, for example, Moses and Elisha are among those who healed. The New Testament also has many references to healing, both by Jesus and by his followers.

Prayers are a component of modern biblical healing techniques.
Prayers are a component of modern biblical healing techniques.

With respect to modern biblical healing, there are several New Testament passages of relevance, although the application of the passages is controversial. In Mark 16:18, for example, Jesus says that his followers "shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover." This passage is omitted or bracketed in many modern Bible translations. For those who count it authentic, it is viewed as a temporal sign accompanying the apostolic age; on the other hand, it is applied to the modern day, thereby giving basis for faith healing. In 1 Corinthians, healing is classified as a spiritual gift.

Another New Testament passage regarding healing, James 5:14-16, is accepted by many people as applying today but is interpreted differently. In this passage, the sick are instructed to call for elders to pray over them and anoint them with oil. This is seen by many as a clear statement that believers can be healed by doing this. Others, however, believe that this passage is limited only to healing for illnesses that came about specifically as a result of an individual's sins.

The Bible is filled with references to healing, and it also contains several passages that suggest some believers might have a gift of healing. The application of these passages, however, is controversial to some. Although some people believe that biblical healing might involve a miracle worked by faith, others believe these miracles have ceased to occur. Many religious leaders and others who believe in the Bible claim to be able to perform biblical healing or to have benefited from it.

The term "biblical healing" may be used in reference to instances of healing mentioned in the Bible.
The term "biblical healing" may be used in reference to instances of healing mentioned in the Bible.

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Dear feruze, Post 3: The bible contains all the information you need to find Spiritual healing for yourself

For example, read John 8:31,32. I am a spiritual director and I am happy to help you.


This is interesting. I'm not a Christian and I don't know much about the Bible, but I have also heard of this kind of healing in the other Abrahamic religions.

I know that in one, it is mentioned that healing comes from God and that medicines are simply mediums.

I agree that religious healing refers to either spiritual healing, as in believing in God and being rid of past sins, and healing physically from an illness.

Can anyone tell me more about healing in the Bible with more examples?


I've never believed in biblical healing, but I heard a doctor on TV who mentioned a study that was done in Japan.

Japanese scientists wanted to see the effect of words on water and did an experiment. They had a group of people curse at a glass of water in one room and another group that said nice things to another glass of water in a different room.

After a week, the scientists found that chemistry of both glasses of water had changed. The one that was cursed at smelled badly and tasted badly, the one that was praised was actually more pure and more tasty.

I think this is crazy. If this is true, that means words have a huge impact on everything, including us. In that sense, prayer might have a positive impact on our bodily functions and psychology. It's just hard to prove.


When we were kids, my brother and I would visit our great grandmother who was a very religious person. We would lay on her lap and she would whisper prayers over us. When my mom came to check on us, she would find us in a deep sleep.

Her house always smelled like herbs too- thyme, oregano and mint. She used their oil for cooking and for medical purposes. I also remember that neighbors who suffered from migraines and arthritis pains would come to her for prayer and would go back home feeling better.

Because of my great grand-mother, I believe in biblical healing as I have experienced it firsthand with her.

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