What Is Biafine® Cream?

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Biafine® cream has been prescribed for more than two decades to restore damaged skin to its naturally moisturized and unblemished condition. Also known as Biafine® topical emulsion or Biafine® dermal healing top, this medication in its few forms works in direct ways to promote healing. First, it eliminates excessive damaged tissue, then coordinates healing by increasing the amount of available macrophage cells. This, in turn, boosts levels of fibroblast cells on the skin, which are responsible for collagen repair and healthier skin.

Produced by Ortho Dermatologics, Biafine® cream is used to treat a range of skin troubles. Some of the more common uses of this medication are to heal minor burns and sunburns as well as minor cuts, scrapes and ulcerations. It is also diagnosed to treat radiation burns and to promote healing after skin graft surgery.

In 2011, this ointment typically comes in two varieties. The first, called Biafine® Radiodermatitis Emulsion, is used for radiation burns, primarily those suffered after treatment. Biafine® Wound Dressing Emulsion, the other variety, is used for burns, grafts and minor wounds like diaper rash. Available with a prescription only, it is not recommended for any wounds that are allergic rashes or bleeding.


A range of ingredients go into making this cream, which is primarily composed of inactive components like water, alcohol and the fatty acid ethylene glycol monostearate. Among the active ingredients are avocado oil, paraffin wax, liquid paraffin and cetyl palmitate, which is found in sperm whale craniums. It also includes the emulsifier triethanolamine as well as various moisture-absorbing sodium compounds.

The process of healing that is coordinated by Biafine® cream starts with removing dead cells and hydrating dry tissue. As this is occurring, other components of the ointment are working to corral macrophage cells, which in turn create the fibroblast cells needed to produce the collagen needed for skin repair. Finally, as applications continue over several days, the boosted collagen is promoting the growth of new skin cells and more moisturized skin.

Biafine® cream is just one of several types of wound-care ointments available by prescription or over-the-counter. Also prescribed are drugs called Becaplermin® and Silvadene®, which are antibiotics that prevent infection. Other medications may be recommended to ease pain, too; however, physicians lament the effectiveness of these medications in completely eradicating pain for burn victims.


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Post 4

Biafine is very expensive in the U.S. and requires a prescription. In France it is sold over the counter just like Ibuprofen. It is safe enough to use daily on sunburns, radiation burns, and first or second degree burns.

It is only sold over the counter in France, but it is possible to buy online and have it mailed directly anywhere. Shipping is free with tracking, and it is the XL 186g tubes. For a tube half that size, it can be upwards of $180 in the States without insurance. Even with, it is pricey and for the tiny tubes.

Post 2

why is Biafine Rx and OTC-what is the difference?

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