What is Betamethasone Cream?

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Betamethasone cream is a medicine used to treat skin infections. Typical skin infections treated by creams containing this medication include athlete's foot, jock itch, and ringworm. This cream alleviates itching and redness associated with infection.

When betamethasone is linked with clotrimazole, the two become a corticosteroid and antifungal combination. This mixture attacks fungi, weakening the cell membranes. The cream serves as an anti-inflammatory and anti-itching agent. The official brand name of a common betamethasone-clotrimazole combination is Lotrisone®.

When a physician prescribes this cream, the patient should use it as directed. First, the patient must wash his hands before applying the cream. Next, he must thoroughly wash and dry the area to be treated. After the area is prepared, rub the cream into the irritated area.

The patient should never place a bandage over the treated area unless directed by his physician. If using a medication containing betamethasone cream in the groin area, the cream must only be used for about two weeks. Only a small amount of cream should be used in the groin area, and the patient should avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing. The cream is for external use only and should not be applied to the eyes, mouth, nose, or vagina. If the cream accidentally gets inside the eyes, the patient should immediately flush them with cool water.


The medicine needs to be used on a set schedule for the full course of treatment. It should continue to be used even if the patient begins to feel better after a few days. If the patient does not use it for the full course of treatment, the infection may not be completely eliminated and can eventually return. If a patient forgets to use a dose, he should use the next dose of cream as soon as possible. Once a patient begins using this specific medication, he should tell his physician if the condition continues after two weeks have passed.

All medications can produce unpleasant side effects, so it's important to be aware of potential problems that may arise because of using a medication containing a betamethasone cream. Common side effects include dry skin and a burning or stinging sensation where the cream was applied. Severe side effects that would require a trip to the emergency room include severe allergic reactions such as hives, rash, difficulty in breathing, swelling, bruising, redness, oozing, blistering, and other chronic problems.

Women who become pregnant while using a medication that includes betamethasone cream should speak with their doctor before continuing this medication. It's important to discuss any potential risks involved. Children less than 17 years of age should not take a combination of clotrimazole and betamethasone cream since it has not been determined if the medicine is safe for children.


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Post 16

I want to warn people about the long term use of betamethasone cream. I was prescribed this by my doctor for contact dermatitis. I used it on my hands off and on for over a year and a half. I questioned my doctor about the safety of this cream after the third time my rash reappeared on my hands. They had begun to itch very badly and hurt. I was assured that the cream was safe and to continue use whenever the rash reappeared.

After a year and a half, the rash finally stopped, but my hands hurt all the time and my skin is very thin. I also have lost strength in my hands and am unable to do

a lot of things that I used to do. I have to wear gloves to cut down on the pain I have when I do housework or drive my car. I have been told that this is a permanent condition. I have tried several things but nothing has helped. Has anyone else had similar problems like this?
Post 15

For the last 15 or 16 years, I have been using betnovate-N cream (Betamethasone) because I've had problems with pimples on my face. Then a friend of mine told me to use this cream and I got some relief, but now I am 35 years old and I am still using the cream.

I've tried to give up this cream many times, but when I tried to give up this habit of using it every night on my face, then after three or four days I have a lot of irritation on my face and a lot of dryness, and then small, small boils appear again on my face. When I use the cream again, everything becomes normal on my


Can anyone tell me how can I get rid of this or can I continue to use it this?

One thing is now I am working in South America and here sometimes I have to work in the sun, and the sun is very bright here. I have permanent marks on both sides of my cheeks like blackheads. Is it because of sunburn on my face, or is it because of this cream? I have hereditary dried and cracked skin on my body, But only in winter, not in the summer.

Post 14

Be very careful on how long you use this medicine Betamethasone in the groin area. Use just a little bit and stretch over the area that itches in your groin.

I was told by one of the best dermatologists that using this medicine in the groin area over time with weaken the skin tissue and actually thin your skin and thus will have other problems in the future with cracks/cuts and healing problems.

Try natural things also on the feet. Lemon juice, baking soda and finally use mud/dirt.

Post 13

Has anybody else experienced burning when they applied betamethasone cream? I began using this for an itchy rash that appeared on my stomach, but I quit using it because it really burned when I put it on. I was hoping it would make the rash feel better instead of worse.

Post 12

My husband uses Lotrisone cream for jock itch. In the summer when it is really hot outside is groin area gets very irritated. Working outside in the heat all day long can really aggravate this and even keeping it covered up all day long doesn't help, but that is the only option he has.

The cream really stops the itching which is a great relief. He has to keep applying it on a regular basis though or the infection comes back within a few days. He doesn't have this problem in the winter, but when there are high temperatures and high humidity, he can be miserable if he doesn't use this cream.

Post 11

@papa41 -- I have always bought this cream at the drugstore without any prescription. They might make one that is prescription strength, but I have always used what I could buy over-the-counter.

I use this as an eczema cream and it really helps with the itching when these spots appear. I don't think you would have any trouble using it on your face, but I would try it on a small area first to see how you react to it.

You wouldn't want to apply this to a large area of your face and then discover that you had a bad reaction to it. You would probably look and feel miserable and that would defeat the purpose.

Post 10

@anon88942 -- I have had good results using betamethasone cream for my athlete's foot. If your feet are itching because of allergies, it would be worth giving this cream a try. I noticed a difference in just a few days, but continued to use the cream for up to to 2 weeks just to make sure the infection didn't come back.

Post 9

How long does this cream last for?

Post 8

I've got a very itchy and painful eczema. hope this medicine can help me in curing these bleeping skin allergies!

Post 7

I started using it. i hope it will be effective for my feet allergy.

Post 6

Can I buy lotrisone in a drug store without a medicine prescription from a dermatologist.

I suffer from a skin allergy on my face. I use betamethasone cream and clotrimazole cream. I want to use a lotrisone. Can a cream relieve my skin allergy or will it become maintenance for my skin.


Post 5

I've just started to use the cream around my leg below the knee for last two days and it is effective. No itch and a sign of curing starting to develop.

Is this cream sold in Sarawak pharmacies?

Post 4

what is the difference between ringworm and psyriasis rocea? I've mixed nizoral and bactroban and i apply but still the itching is still there. so i used betamethasone with it the 2 cream. the itching is less now, but how long will it take for me to use it. is it transferrable? i also take iterax at bedtime.

Post 3

I was prescribed Betamethasone DP 0.05% for eczema. I know this may sound like a dumb question, but is this cream safe for animals? My small dog has a little rash I would put it on. I know it is a concern that he may lick it off. My vet has let me use human medication with my dogs in the past so I thought I would ask about this med.

Thanks! Joey

Post 1

are there any alternatives to betamethasone cream in the treatment of phimosis

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