What Is Bespoke Lighting?

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Bespoke lighting is lighting that is custom designed to the specifications of the client or tailor made to fit and illuminate a certain space.‭ ‬It can be created from an idea the client has,‭ ‬or it can be made in the style of the artist who is creating the fixture.‭ ‬This type of lighting creates a space that illuminated exactly as the owner wishes, because nearly every aspect of the light can be configured to work with the space.‭ ‬Bespoke lighting can be used in a residential setting‭ ‬or applied to a large public space.‭ ‬It is not‭ ‬uncommon‭ ‬for a bespoke lighting installation to double as visual art.

There are many reasons to use bespoke lighting.‭ ‬Aesthetics‬ — the desire to have a room illuminated in a specific way and to have the lighting fixture appear in a specific fashion — is the most popular reason.‭ ‬A custom light might‭ ‬be necessary for oddly shaped spaces where generic lighting fixtures would not fit or function properly.‭ Public areas might use custom lighting because‭ ‬of unique‭ ‬requirements‭ ‬that arise from the number of people who‭ ‬could gather there.‭ ‬These‭ ‬same spaces‭ ‬also could‭ ‬end up with bespoke lighting to maintain continuity of design throughout the structure.


There are a variety of bespoke lighting styles.‭ Some artists use reclaimed metal and wood materials,‭ ‬welding together parts to form chandeliers or standing lamps.‭ ‬Other artists have each piece meticulously machined in the desired finish before assembling the light.‭ ‬When considering bespoke lighting,‭ ‬the client‭ ‬might choose to provide his or her own designs or rely on the vision of the artist.

With the custom manufacturing of every aspect of a light,‭ ‬very innovative designs can be‭ ‬used and integrated into a room.‭ Fixtures can be recessed or hidden and glass can be tinted to fit in with other aspects‭ ‬of the decor.‭ ‬Special lights can be placed under water‭ ‬or in wet areas such as a bathroom to provide a‭ ‬distinctive appearance.

Bespoke lighting has been used in buildings all around the world.‭ ‬Some of the designs that have been created include a three-story-high chandelier that illuminates a winding stairwell,‭ ‬a series of nebulous lights suspended by nearly invisible wires, and a group of small,‭ ‬square lights made to resemble cubes of ice and intended to‭ ‬act as‭ ‬accents for tables in a restaurant.‭ Although considerably more expensive than generic lighting,‭ ‬bespoke lights are capable of defining a space within the context of its own design.


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