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Berocca® is a vitamin tablet that contains mainly the vitamin-B group and vitamin C. It is used generally as a dietary supplement. Created by Roche Pharmaceuticals, Berocca is now manufactured by the Bayer company and is available over the counter in several countries. This supplement is considered safe for almost anyone and may be recommended to anyone who does not eat a balanced diet regularly or needs a boost in their immune system for any reason.

The active ingredients in Berocca® include B vitamins, vitamin C and zinc. Magnesium and calcium are also in the tablets in a lesser dose. The B-group vitamins are suggested to help the body release energy from food. Vitamin C is considered important for improving and maintaining a strong immune system. Magnesium helps the muscles function properly and works together with the B group of vitamins in absorbing energy from food, and calcium is necessary for strong and healthy cones.

This tablet is taken orally to prevent vitamin deficiencies, maintain general health and prevent illnesses. Berocca® is often promoted as a recommended product for anyone who suffers a large amount of stress, as the B group has been said to benefit the nervous system, and vitamin C is used to support the immune system, both of which are generally heavily affected by stress.


Both the tablet and effervescent forms of Berocca® may be purchased in a variety of flavors in the countries in which it is authorized. The recommended daily dose is usually one tablet per day, and the product is labeled as suitable for anyone over the age of 12 years. These supplements are all-natural and do not contain artificial preservatives or colorants, sugar or caffeine.

This supplement contains more than the recommended daily amount of vitamins, but the levels are considered safe by most proponents. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should check with their doctors before using any vitamins and supplements. Berocca® should not be taken together with pregnancy vitamins, as it can lead to overdose. Others who may be taking vitamins or medication which may react with Berocca® may also wish to speak with a medical doctor before beginning use.

Berocca® is also considered a home treatment for dehydration in many countries. Whether dehydration is due to excessive alcohol intake, illness, or lack of water consumption, the vitamins in the supplement help the body absorb and retain moisture more easily. If other medications or vitamins are difficult to stomach during dehydration, the use of this supplement dissolved in water may help the body use the nutrients as needed.


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