What Is Belavi Facelift Massage?

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A Belaví facelift massage, also sometimes called a Bellanina massage, is a spa treatment designed to minimize facial flaws and the visible effects of aging by gently stimulating the blood vessels in the tissue of the face. It usually depends primarily on touch, normally in the form of acupressure; this technique uses targeted massage at pressure points, and is often thought to be very effective at promoting blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. After the massage, the technician typically applies a hot mask or hot towel to open the pores; then, he or she rubs a range of moisturizers and clarifying lotions onto the face to penetrate deep within the stimulated skin and can make the effects more immediate and long-lasting. While people often report feeling a difference right away, most experts recommend that these facials be repeated at least once a month in order to maximize the benefits.

Basic Concept

This particular treatment is usually designed primarily as a cosmetic procedure to improve the look and feel of the facial skin. Some experts also say that continued use may also be able to improve the health of skin tissues, though medical claims are more disputed. Most agree, though, that the procedure is a relaxing way to at least relieve the trends of aging, poor diet, stress or illness.


The American esthetician Belle Tuckerman developed the Belaví therapy in the 1980s, and it’s now marketed almost exclusively by the American beauty company Bellanina. The practice is also known as the Bellanina facial massage as a result. It’s usually considered to be a holistic therapy, and is offered at spas and holistic clinics around the world. Holistic medicine treats both the body and the mind together. Clients usually receive the treatment reclined in massage chairs or while resting on flat massage tables, and it usually takes between 60 and 90 minutes to complete.

Focus on Acupressure

Acupressure points are key elements of Belaví facelift massage. Acupressure is the practice of applying pressure to the body to release pain and to improve blood circulation. Circulation, in turn, brings oxygen and other nutrients to all parts of the tissue, which can temporarily rejuvenate the delicate skin of the face and eye area.

Lymphatic Drainage

Deep touch and penetrating massage can also improve lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic system, charged with removing toxins from the body, drains when it is stimulated; blood oxygen levels activate and impurities are released. In the face, regular drainage is often thought to result in toned and relaxed facial muscles, rejuvenated skin, and the elimination or reduction of wrinkles.

Finishing Touches

After the massage and acupressure portion of the procedure, patients typically receive a warm mask followed by an exfoliation scrub and a hot towel treatment. These elements are usually intended to promote skin elasticity and more general relaxation. Finally, the technician will usually rub a series of creams and correcting lotions into the face to leave the skin noticeably softer and smoother.

Importance of Continuity

People often see some benefits right away, but experts usually say that true anti-aging changes need multiple treatments before they really start making any real difference. It’s usually safe to receive these facial treatments as frequently as once a week, though once a month will normally provide about the same level of benefits. Less often than that, though, and it may be hard to notice much of a change past the initial relaxation.

Becoming a Practitioner

Practicing Belaví or Bellanina facials usually requires a license administered by the Bellanina Institute. Interested applicants should usually contact the Institute at its headquarters in Laguna Beach, California. The Institute offers seminars and courses during the year for estheticians and cosmetologists from around the world, though study is usually available online or through the mail, as well.


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Post 3

This Belavi facelift really sounds worthwhile. I'm not really concerned about looking old yet because I am still in my 20s, but there's nothing wrong with trying to improve yourself. Well, I guess some people do go to the extreme.

Have you ever looked at the before and after plastic surgery pictures of celebrities? Some of them really get carried away and they look unnatural. But I think a nip and a tuck here and there can go a long way toward improving your looks or taking away a few years so you look more like you once did.

Post 2

Maybe this is because I am a man, but I think people worry too much about trying to look younger. Then again, some men are as bad as women nowadays. I wish I had stock in that men's hair color product that is so popular for getting rid of the grey hairs.

I could see if I were the only person getting older then I might want to hide my age, but we are all in the same boat. Why are we pretending that we aren't changing and aren't going to continue to look older and older with each day that goes by? We all know the one alternative to getting older, and I'm definitely not ready for that yet.

Post 1

I like the idea of holistic medicine and and ways of healing and correcting that don't involve surgery. I have had facials and used facial masks and creams and they all can make a difference. However, I am convinced that there are some changes that come with age that only a real plastic surgery facelift can help. I hope I am proved wrong, but I'm not holding my breath.

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