What is Beer Shampoo?

Jeremy Laukkonen

Beer shampoo is any kind of shampoo that contains beer as one of its ingredients. It may be purchased commercially or made at home, but both of these varieties must include beer in the mixture. The beverage may improve the luster and quality of the hair — or even help control dry scalp and dandruff when used as a hair wash or a rinse — and beer shampoo is designed to take advantage of this. Beer contains proteins and other substances that may strengthen or otherwise improve the quality of hair, so it is more of a cosmetic ingredient than one designed to actually clean hair.

Beer shampoo may be useful in reducing dandruff.
Beer shampoo may be useful in reducing dandruff.

Commercially-produced beer shampoo may come in the form of a traditional liquid or gel, a bar, or even a powder that water must be added to. These different types of shampoo may appeal to various people, though they all share the same ingredient and will tend to have similar effects. Which type to choose, or whether to simply make such a product at home, is a matter of personal preference. Beer shampoo is typically used in the same manner as regular shampoo, with a small amount applied to the scalp, worked through the hair, and then rinsed out.

Beer contains proteins that are said to strengthen hair.
Beer contains proteins that are said to strengthen hair.

Making beer shampoo at home is a relatively simple process that requires any type of beer, a pan, a heat source, and a generic shampoo to use as a base. Generally, the beer is heated in order to reduce the water volume and retain all of the beneficial materials. This typically thick, dark material may then be added to any type of shampoo, though a scentless variety is often used. The beer reduction and shampoo base may then be shaken thoroughly to create an even mixture, and used like any other shampoo. Beer can also be added to hair conditioners in this same fashion.

In addition to its use as a commercial or homemade shampoo ingredient, beer may also be used as a rinse. When used this way, it is typical to open the beer and allow it to go flat, or lose its effervescence, first. As with making beer shampoo, the type of beer chosen is largely unimportant, as all beers contain the same basic beneficial compounds. After the hair is shampooed and washed as normal, the flat beer may be poured through the hair like a rinse. The hair may then be rinsed again with water, just as it would be if a traditional hair rinse or conditioner had been used.

In making beer shampoo, the type or beer used is not important.
In making beer shampoo, the type or beer used is not important.

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I have tried a number of different hair products to try to get rid of my dandruff but I have never tried beer. I have never even heard of it being used as a matter of fact. I am getting desperate for a solution and none of the shampoo and conditioner that you find at the store has worked for me. As a last resort why not try beer?


I had a friend that used beer shampoo in college. He actually used the beer for a lot of things. He was a pretty hard partier and liked to drink a lot and so he would regularly shower with a can of beer that he would casually drink as he bathed.

I guess that he would splash some over his head in the process. The problem was that between the shampoo and the swallowing he reeked of beer all the time. It was pretty easy to get away with in college but I bet he had to give it up once he got a job.


I have been using beer shampoo on my hair for years now and I swear by it. I think it is one of the most effective natural hair products that you can use. I have thick and shiny hair without a flake of dandruff and I give all the credit to beer.

I used to buy the shampoo but now I make it myself using a can of bud and my favorite salon shampoo conditioner. I get all the benefits of the high quality shampoo plus all the nutrients that come out of the beer. It is a win win.

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