What is Bedford Fabric?

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Bedford fabric is created using a standard warping process that is the basis of many types of material. What is a little different with this fabric is that the raised ridges in the weave of the fabric distinguish the finished product. These ridges are ran in a lengthwise direction, and resemble the appearance of raised cords. In fact, it is often more commonly known as corded fabric, in recognition of this appearance. This unique pique weave construction is also one of the factors that makes this material so strong.

Perhaps the best example of Bedford fabric would be the heavy cotton sheeting that is used to make bedspreads. Generations of children have grown up with bedcovers that were made of this washable ribbed fabric that was strong enough to handle anything a kid could put it through. Along with being a strong fabric, Bedford cord also is a heavy fabric that wears very well over a number of years. Because the material has always been relatively inexpensive, matching drapery panels often are sold alongside the bedspreads. The material easily can last all the way from a child’s first full sized bed to high school graduation.


Bedford fabric is not contained to the bedroom, however. When choosing a fun and easy to clean upholstery material, many turn to Bedford. The material is often used to cover chair cushions for dining room and occasional chairs, as well as on small sofas. Because it is often made with cotton fibers or with a cotton blend, it also is ideal for use in slipcovers for chairs and sofas. Cleaning the material is easy, often requiring nothing more than soap and water to blot a stain away.

Along with household textiles, Bedford fabric also has been the heavy fabric of choice when it comes to clothing. For a number of years, both slim line and wide line corduroy pants made of this fabric have been in production for both men and women. Along with pants, Bedford fabric is often used as a material for durable walking shorts, and even some jackets that are ideal for spring and autumn wear.


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