What is Beauty Therapy?

Haven Esme

Beauty therapy is generally defined as the application of beauty treatments. It can consist of various specialties such as skin care, cosmetics, nail care, or hairstyling. Individuals who are trained in beauty therapy can provide a range of beautification treatments to the face and body. There is a broad range of beauty treatments available, and most provide a specific benefit to the part of the body being treated.

Hair cutting and styling are common elements of beauty therapy.
Hair cutting and styling are common elements of beauty therapy.

Beauty therapists go by many names, such as estheticians or beauticians. These professionals typically train at a college or other educational institution. At an educational institution, those entering the beauty field will typically become knowledgeable in aspects of anatomy and physiology, facials, eye treatments, make-up, waxing, and nail care.

Botox® injections are a type of beauty therapy.
Botox® injections are a type of beauty therapy.

Facial massage and skin care is a vital part of beauty therapy. Proper care of the skin through therapy includes treatments such as cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, mask application and facial massage. Facials are an incredibly popular therapeutic treatment, and cellulite reduction and body wraps would also be considered part of therapy.

Beauty therapy can also improve the appearance and texture of the skin, and treat minor cosmetic blemishes. This therapy should not be mistaken for dermatology and therapists cannot medically diagnose skin conditions. Although beauty therapists cannot diagnose skin conditions, they can recommend treatments based on whether a person has dry, oily or sensitive skin.

Another prominent aspect of beauty therapy is makeup. Developing professional makeup application techniques to achieve certain looks is an integral part of therapy. There are a growing number of specialized treatments that deal with a variety of conditions. Some common, special treatments now used in the beautification process include Botox®, collagen replacement, and electrolysis. A professional with licensed medical credentials often carries out these types of treatments.

Beauty therapy has recently branched into holistic principles. The therapy process integrates holistic practices such as aromatherapy and reflexology into beauty regimens. Another popular holistic practice is Indian head massage. The massage is based on ancient, Indian techniques that focus on relieving stress and relaxing the muscles. Holistic approaches allow the beautification process to proceed naturally.

Generally, beauty therapy is a regular practice by individuals who want to improve their appearance. People may also undergo therapy if they want to look nice for a special occasion. In some cases, a person may simply want to pamper herself and enjoy a relaxing experience.

Facial massages can be a key part of beauty therapy.
Facial massages can be a key part of beauty therapy.

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