What Is Beard Conditioner?

Alicia Sparks

Beard conditioner is a grooming and styling product designed for men. Although it is designed for use on beard hair, it is similar to regular hair conditioner in that it conditions the beard and makes it more manageable. Often, men’s hair types or beard styles will determine whether they need beard conditioner. Some formulas are created to provide skin benefits as well as beard control. Like other grooming and styling products, beard conditioner is available in a variety of formulas to suit each man’s skin and hair type.

Longer beards should be shampooed and combed to keep them clean.
Longer beards should be shampooed and combed to keep them clean.

Primarily, beard conditioner is designed to help men improve the condition of their beard hair and gain better control over their beards. This product works to make a man’s beard more manageable, whether it is in the beginning growing stages or already is at the length or style he wants. Thus, a conditioner might act as a beard softener for a particularly coarse or bushy beard, or it might work to keep longer beard hair in place. Some conditioners include ingredients that provide other benefits. For example, various kinds of beard conditioner not only soften and control beard hair, but also provide beard cleaning properties, skin astringent qualities, and skin softening agents.

Some beard conditioners may contain many of the same ingredients that are included in hair conditioner.
Some beard conditioners may contain many of the same ingredients that are included in hair conditioner.

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Generally, certain types of beards more than others require a beard conditioner. For example, a man who is just growing a beard or has an intricate beard style might need more control over his hair. Sometimes, the man’s hair type will require him to use a conditioner for more control or to soften or relax the hair. Men with graying beards often find their beards are thicker, coarser, or more bristly or wiry than they were before they turned gray. Likewise, some men have naturally thick and coarse hair.

Beard conditioners may be used to help men improve the condition of their beard hair.
Beard conditioners may be used to help men improve the condition of their beard hair.

A bearded gentleman can find numerous different kinds of beard conditioner at various retail stores, barber and styling shops, and other locations that sell beard supplies. Some conditioners are designed similarly to regular hair conditioners, and others have the consistency of oils, lotions, or butters. As with other grooming products, the man should choose the product with the consistency that will work best with his hair and skin type. For example, a man with skin prone to breaking out might avoid beard oil or butter and opt for a lotion. On the other hand, a man who often deals with dry, flaky, or itchy skin might benefit less from a lotion than he would an oil or butter formula.

Beard conditioners can moisturize a person's face between shaves.
Beard conditioners can moisturize a person's face between shaves.

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Discussion Comments


Would anyone happen to know of any good beard conditioners? I have very coarse hair and I have been looking for a product to help.


I tried growing a beard a few years back and to be honest I couldn't stand the scratchiness of it against my own hand. I didn't even want to think about subjecting my girlfriend to it.

I am wondering if beard conditioner would make a huge difference if you have really coarse hair. I find that even if I let it grow out a few inches the scratchiness doesn't go away.

I really like the idea of having a beard, as I think it makes me look older, but I need a product that really works to keep it manageable. Do you think there is something for even the coarsest of hair?


There is nothing wrong with a man that wants to leave his beard all natural in my opinion but for the sake of my wife, I make sure to use the beard conditioner she buys. I didn't even know these products existed until she showed up with a package and a smile on her face.

While it adds an extra step into my morning routine I don't really mind. The process of using beard conditioner is pretty straight forward. Just put it in, rinse it out and you have a happier wife for it. Though, I suppose not being called a prickly cactus for the rest of our marriage is reward enough.


I will admit to being very finicky about my beard. I own a top of the line beard trimmer and I am sure to trim my beard at least once a week. As I started getting older I began to use beard dye to hide some of my grey hairs. And I also regularly use beard conditioner to make sure the beard hair is health and lustrous. I know this sounds like a lot of work but I think that beard owners have to take responsibility for their beards.

Too many people treat a beard like an animal that is hanging off of their chins. They think it is an excuse to let their grooming standards down. On the contrary I consider beards to be works of art and probably the hardest and most necessary part of the body to maintain. It is about self respect. My would you want to have a mangy mass of hair on your face? Wise up guys, its time to start taking care of your beard.


A few years back I stopped using shampoo and conditioner completely. Now I use either baking soda or vinegar on a once weekly basis to clean my hair. It took some getting used to but now I love it and I have seen all kinds of improvements in the health of my hair (I think a little even grew back).

I grew a full beard for the first time in my life about a month ago. Up until now I have not done anything to it. But I am wondering after reading this article if I should wash it with the same materials and on the same routine that I was my hair. Does anyone know if the baking soda and vinegar will negatively effect my beard? Thanks a ton for any responses.


I am one of those people that grew a beard as soon as I possibly could. Once I started seeing fuzz on my face I didn't touch it with a razor once. I just let it grow until eventually I had a full beard. There were some pretty patchy periods in there for a while and I know that my mom hated it but eventually it evened out and now I have a pretty nice full beard.

In all that time I never did anything to treat my beard. I would run some soap through it in the shower but in general I just let it be and never gave it much thought. That all changed when I met my wife. She told me that she loved the way my beard looked but she hated the way it felt. She described it as sleeping with a porcupine.

So now I use a beard conditioner and even a special beard shampoo to take some of the bite and bristle out of my beard. It seems to work. My wife never complains and I have grown to like the smooth feeling of my beard now. I was willing to try conditioner, but if she had asked me to shave it off that would have been a different story.


@pleonasm - To be honest, I prefer a beard over stubble anytime, when it comes to kissing, and there doesn't seem to be a way to combat the stubble without too much shaving.

I didn't even know there was such a thing as beard conditioner. I guess I just thought whatever fell into the beard when they are washing their head hair would be enough?

But I guess that's kind of silly. I had just never considered it before.


You might also want to consider the affect your beard can have on others. Seriously, kissing a man with a beard can be a very painful experience if you do it often enough.

But, if that man were to use conditioner regularly on his beard, I'm sure that would improve matters dramatically.

Beard grooming is important, in my opinion. I quite like a beard on a guy, but if he just lets it go all over the place, it's not sexy at all.

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