What is Basement Epoxy?

Sarah Sullins

Basement epoxy is a kind of plastic-like glue that is injected into basement wall cracks. This glue fills the cracks quickly and, when it is dry, prevents water from entering the basement through them. The epoxy is made up of two different materials that come together as they are injected, forming a strong, solid material that is able to bond to the concrete wall. Cracks in the floor of a basement are generally not treated with epoxy.

Basement epoxy can help fix basement cracks that may lead to mold and mildew.
Basement epoxy can help fix basement cracks that may lead to mold and mildew.

Cracks often occur in basement walls because of the concrete shrinking as it cures. These types of cracks are normal, but may still cause issues such as water leakage, mold, and fungus. Large fissures that run horizontally, or severe diagonal cracks, may be a sign of a structural defect. These kinds of openings will most likely need to be evaluated and taken care of by a professional.

To use basement epoxy, special plastic ports must be first placed in the crack. These are generally attached with a paste. This paste is then used to seal the rest of the crack, which keeps the basement epoxy from leaking out once it is injected. The liquid is then injected into the ports until the crack is full. Plugs are placed in the ports to keep the liquid from coming out.

As soon as the basement epoxy is injected, it begins to cure. After half an hour it will form into a sort of gel, and will begin to harden after a few hours. To become completely hard and strong, the epoxy generally takes about a week. When it is finished curing, the epoxy will be shiny and smooth.

Sometimes basement epoxy can be applied to a small crack using a paintbrush. The substance is thick, so rollers and sprayers cannot be used with it. Several coats of this plastic-like adhesive are generally used to ensure that the crack in the basement wall is properly sealed against water, mold, and mildew.

Small amounts of water that occur in the interior part of the basement can be protected against using basement epoxy. If a large amount of water is coming into the basement from the outside, though, professional help may be needed to dig around the foundation and locate where the water is coming from. Once this problem is fixed, epoxy or waterproof paint can be used to seal off the crack and prevent any more water from entering the basement.

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