What is Baking Soda Deodorant?

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Baking soda deodorant is a product that is used to neutralize body order. It can be made at home or purchased in a pre-made stick. There are many reasons why people prefer baking soda deodorant over other kinds of deodorants and antiperspirants. One reason is that baking soda neutralizes body odor instead of covering it up the way that other deodorants do. Also, some people believe that it is unnatural and unhealthy to keep the underarms from perspiring. As such, although they may want a product to cover up the smell of body odor, they still want to allow the body to release perspiration as needed, which baking soda deodorant does.

Pre-made baking soda deodorant usually comes in a stick much like other kinds of deodorants and antiperspirants. They are often sold and marketed by companies that are recognized baking soda brand names. Although they are different in their formulation from other kinds of deodorants, they are usually sold in the same part of the drug store or grocery store. They may not be as easy to find as other kinds of antiperspirants and deodorants, but most grocery stores and drug stores that have a good selection will stock at least one kind of baking soda deodorant.


For those who prefer to make baking soda deodorant at home, the process is quite simple. Sprinkle baking soda into one hand, add a few drops of water until the mixture has the consistency of a thin paste, then apply the paste to the underarms. Just like deodorant that comes in the form of a stick, this kind of deodorant can be reapplied during the day as needed. Some people find it easier to apply homemade baking soda deodorant using a wash cloth. Simply take a damp wash cloth and sprinkle it with baking soda, then rub the baking soda on to the underarm area.

Instead of going to the kitchen every morning to whip up a fresh batch of home-made baking soda deodorant, simply keep some baking soda in the bathroom. Either purchase a second box of baking soda or put a portion from the kitchen box in a jar in the bathroom. It can also be used, when mixed with a bit of water, to rinse the mouth and clear up bad breath. Not only does baking soda have a number of uses, but when it is used as a deodorant it is much less expensive than the pre-packaged varieties.


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Post 2

@scifreak- My son has very sensitive skin. One doctor told me to find hypoallergenic deodorant for him. I looked all over and could not find any. Later on, I had another doctor tell me to make him deodorant out of baking soda. He said making your own is "about as hypoallergenic as it gets".

So I started making the paste and it is working great! Best of all, it has no smell but yet keeps him from smelling. I agree with you scifreak--we should make more of the things we use.

Post 1

My great-grandmother said that her family used baking soda as deodorant all the time. They did not have commercial deodorant back then, so they made their own.

She said they had 1 box of baking soda for baking, and one for making "underarm paste" with. She said her father and brothers used baking soda under their arms too. They worked in the fields all day and they did not smell when they came in for the night.

Maybe we should take a lesson from the old ways and start making some of our own things. At least we would know what they are made out of.

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