What Is Baked Blush?

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Baked blush is a type of cheek-rouging makeup that is formed by baking colored liquid on terra cotta tiles prior to packaging rather than the pressed powder formula of most blushes. Baking the blush on tiles gives the final product a creamier texture than most powdered blushes. Like most makeup products, this blush comes in a variety of price ranges and is made by many companies.

Makeup companies manufacture baked blush by heating colored makeup liquid on terra cotta tiles. The blush liquid is baked on the tiles for up to 24 hours to achieve the desired consistency. The mixture solidifies to form a creamy substance that can either be applied to the face in dry powder form or slightly wetted to achieve a shimmery look. Applying this blush in wet form helps the product last longer than a traditional powder blush. It is generally touted as more vibrant and longer-lasting than powder blush.

Like other cheek blushes, baked blush comes in a wide variety of brands and colors. The main ingredient is talcum powder mixed with mineral oils and various other chemical compounds. The initial liquid can be infused with any shade of color, resulting in blushes that are appropriate for a wide range of skin tones. Some types come with built-in shimmer or bronzer for an all-in-one facial product.


Makeup manufacturers claim that the baked blush process was developed in Italy, although today’s products can be and are produced anywhere. In general, baked blush is not more expensive than regular powder blush, and like many makeup products, can be found in a variety of price ranges. The most expensive ones tend to be those from high-end makeup manufacturers that claim to infuse their blushes with oils that aid in skin repair or help moisturize the face.

The history of using blush to rouge one’s cheeks dates back to ancient Egyptian times. The same product was often used to color both the cheeks and the lips, and today, some use baked blush to color their eyelids as well as their cheeks. Before tinted talcum powder became the primary ingredient in modern-day blush, people used various fruits, such as strawberries or mulberries, to color their makeup products. Blush is primarily used by women today, but there have been periods throughout history when blush has been popular with men as well.


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