What is Badiaga?

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Badiaga is the Russian name of a freshwater sponge with the scientific name Spongilla fluviatilis. It is considered a homeopathic herbal remedy for a variety of bodily complaints. This sponge is made of large amounts of silica, lime, and alumina. It may help address head, respiratory and skin ailments and has been suggested for use in treatment of heart disease and female-specific discomforts in some areas of the world.

The constituents of badiaga are considered the active ingredients and are the reasons why the sponge is believed to alleviate so many symptoms. Silica acts in the body to let water bond to the cells properly and is said to promote healthy collagen production and retention. Alumina and lime are both said to purify the blood and improve circulation.

Many head ailments may be treated or alleviated with the use of this sponge. Headaches involving the temple, forehead and eyes and which worsen during afternoons may be remedied with this treatment. Its powdered form is also used as an herbal treatment for discoloration of the skin such as bruises or dark circles under the eyes. Liquid badiaga may also relieve eyes with plugged or blocked meibomian glands and gland inflammation. It is also a common ingredient in herbal shampoos said to get rid of dandruff.


Badiaga may be taken internally as a liquid extract and is commonly used in homeopathic treatment for several chronic skin conditions. It may heal and prevent conditions associated with psoriasis, eczema and rosacea. Liquid extract may also address metrorrhagia, or excessive amounts of menstruation. It is particularly believed to help when metrorrhagia is accompanied by a sensation of head fullness and severe cramps.

The freshwater sponge has been used in Russia and other parts of Asia as a holistic remedy for hundreds of years. Soldiers and hunters have documented its use when regular antibiotics or pharmaceuticals were not available. Doctors throughout history used it in attempts to cure everything from headaches to tuberculosis. In modern times, badiaga is typically available in powder, cream, or liquid form.

Each of the active properties of this sponge can be harmful if overused. While the remedy is marketed as a cure-all in some parts of the world, it is not recommended for daily use. Before using badiaga on a regular basis for chronic conditions, it is commonly advised that a person speaks with his doctor to determine if it is right for him.


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Post 7

I wanted to add my comment on Badiaga facial mask use. I am originally from the Ukraine where this herb is easily found at the local market. When I was a teenager, I had my face cleaned manually very often to get rid of blackheads. This process is very effective but leaves a lot of small red spots on the face; they look like red bruises. The dermatologist applied this badiaga herb mask simply mixed with lukewarm water (and nothing else) to help those bruises clear from my face. And it really helped.

I only wanted to warn people who never used it before and do not know how their skin is going to react. My skin is not allergic

but slightly sensitive. So the next morning after using the mask. I woke up on fire! My face had a dark purple color and literally was burning. The doctor said there was nothing to worry about and that I just need to stay away from the sun, which I did.

A few days later, the skin on my face started peeling off (a lot) and the burning effect and redness got weaker every day until they eventually disappeared together with the red spots (bruises).

All I wanted to say, is to try to find a week of time on your schedule when you can stay home and do not need to be in public in case you'll have the same reaction that I did. Since your face may turn a dark red color and looks like it's burning, it may not be very comfortable for you if you are working in a busy office environment or directly at the front line with the customers.

It is only my friendly advice since we do not know your first reaction. Otherwise I have used it a number of times and am looking to purchase it online at the moment. Good luck! --Julia

Post 5

@aviva - For the best homeopathic healing remedies I use only Boiron products. They're the number one supplier for physicians and the general public. I trust their brand.

Their products are sold worldwide in over eighty countries at pharmacies and online. You can buy Boiron at most large pharmaceuticals too, but if you live too far from one, then your best option is to go ahead and purchase it from their website.

Post 4

Being Irish and fair-skinned, I have suffered from rosacea all of my life. As a teenager, I begged to go to a dermatologist, but since my parents had suffered the same condition all their lives, they told me just to deal with it and that it gave me a healthy Irish glow.

I never did go to a dermatologist, because I couldn't afford it, but I did look into home remedies. I found badiaga and tried taking the liquid form. I have noticed improvement in my face. I may always have a slight pinkish tint to my cheeks, but thankfully, that bright red glow can be controlled with badiaga.

Post 3

Liquid badiaga helped me lessen the severity of my period. My doctor recommended birth control pills, but I want to have a baby sometime in the near future, so I needed another option. The cramps and heavy flow had gotten so bad that I was willing to experiment with alternative treatments.

I read about badiaga and visited a forum where several women said it had dramatically lessened their unpleasant menstrual problems. My local health food store carries it, so I bought some.

I took it during the second day of my period, which is usually the worst. The cramps still showed up, but they were not nearly as severe as they normally are. My flow wasn't as heavy, either.

Post 2

I've noticed as I've gotten older that my hair is weak and dull looking and my scalp is itchy and dry all around the hairline. I've heard that Badiago is a good treatment for this condition and that I can get it at a vitamin shop.

The problem is I live in the countryside and there isn't a health food shop or a natural vitamin store within a hundred miles of me. Can I purchase Badiaga somewhere online?

Post 1

Hi. My son has acne scars and has been dealing with acne for over a year now. We've tried over the counter treatments, numerous visits to his dermatologists, expensive prescriptions and even natural products like egg whites and oatmeal masks.

Nothing has helped him until my co-worker referred me to an alternative practitioner that she uses. He interviewed my son quite extensively about his lifestyle, his diet and all previous treatments as well as our family history concerning acne.

He was finally given a bottle of Badiaga in the powder form. We mixed it with warm water and applied it to his face as you would any facial mask. After only three days his acne cleared up and most of the acne scars were diminished.

I don't know if it'll have the same effect on everyone but this stuff did an amazing job on my son's complexion!

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