What is Back Waxing?

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Back waxing is a procedure that employs hot wax as a means of achieving hair removal from the back. The process is more or less identical to other forms of waxing, in that the hot wax is applied to a portion of the skin and allowed to harden slightly. Once the hardened wax has attached to the hair follicles, the wax is quickly removed from the area. Back waxing can leave the area smooth for up to several weeks.

The technique of back waxing is most commonly employed with males who wish to remove unwanted hair from the shoulders and back. Unlike the use of depilatory creams or shaving, this type of male hair removal does not cut the hair down to the level of the skin. Back waxing actually removes the hair from the root. The result is that the remaining traces of the hair root is below the level of the skin and the back will remain free of visible hair for two to four weeks.

Athletes commonly make use of back waxing to achieve a smooth texture to the skin. The waxing is also practical in contact sports, since the presence of hair on the back could create additional friction during repeated contacts during the course of play and irritate the skin. From this perspective, the use of back waxing helps to minimize the incidence of rashes and other skin conditions that could negatively impact performance.


From an aesthetic approach, men may choose to undergo back waxing as a means of pleasing a romantic partner. If the amount of hair present on the back is unpleasant for a love interest, the male may choose to have the hair removed as an indication of being sensitive to the needs of his partner. In other situations, a man may choose to undergo back waxing for his own benefit, rather than to enhance sports performance or to please another person.

Back waxing can be performed at home. However, many men prefer to have a professional conduct the procedure in a salon or health club. After removing the shirt, the individual will lay face down on a massage table. The professional applies an even coat of hot wax to the hairy areas of the back. Owing to the warmth of the hot wax to the underlying muscles, the application of the hot wax often feels relaxing.

A few moments after the application, the slightly hardened sheet of wax is quickly removed from the area. Because the hot wax captured the exposed hair on the back, they are removed from the skin. The end result is a smooth back that is more or less devoid of hair.

While back waxing does involve some pain at the point of removal of the wax, many professionals apply warm towels to the back for a few moments after the waxing procedure is complete. This action helps to ease the momentary discomfort and provide the pores of the skin a chance to get over the trauma of the sudden hair removal.

Back waxing is not a permanent hair removal solution. However, repeating the process every two to three weeks may lead to a gradual reduction in amount of back hair that is present.


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