What is Baby Corn?

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Although baby corn may seem somewhat exotic, it is really essentially the same type of corn that is served “on the cob.” It can be served both raw and cooked, and has a crunchy texture. Many people use it to add texture and flavor to stir-fries and salads. Despite its fresh taste, it's often hard to find baby corn fresh in grocery stores, where it usually comes canned or frozen.

Baby corn is essentially the same type of corn that is on the cob.
Baby corn is essentially the same type of corn that is on the cob.

This corn is most often found in stir-fries and in some salads. It works well for both frying, and steaming, but it loses its characteristic crunch if it's overcooked, so it's generally a good idea to slightly undercook baby corn. Whichever way its cooked, the corn should retain its shape and not become mushy. On its own, this corn can have a slightly sweet flavor. More often cooks favor it because it retains the flavors of sauces applied to it and adds interesting texture and visual appeal to a dish.

People in the US may find baby corn in mixed frozen vegetable packages.
People in the US may find baby corn in mixed frozen vegetable packages.

Those contemplating ways to serve baby corn shouldn't just think stir-fry. Because the corn is slightly porous, it can also be used in salads topped with vinaigrette. Cooks may want to consider tossing it into pasta salad for additional texture and color. It also pairs well with corkscrew or tubular pastas like rotini and penne.

It's often very hard to find fresh baby corn. It is sometimes found in the produce section of grocery stores, but may also be in the canned foods section of the supermarket, as you’ll frequently find it in jars or cans, packed in water or pickled. Those in the US may also find it in mixed frozen vegetable packages.

Those who grow their own corn can harvest their own baby corn by picking corn right after the silk of the corn is formed. It’s not farmed often in the US, because it is so small, and not much of a money crop. There's also not so much of a demand for this type of corn in the US, so growing mature corn is usually a more profitable venture for US farmers.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

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Why is it called baby corn?


the article was some help..but i need a recipe for sweet baby corn..i know you can't find this on this page but just for a heads up...its really good..im not sure what is all in it..but i would like to start making some more if i can find the recipe.

anyone have a recipe?


Your site was very helpful & interesting. Thank You, Debra Williams


how do you plant and care for baby corn?


Minipop is a variety of sweet baby corn.

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