What Is Baby Cologne?

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Baby cologne is a specially formulated baby perfume that is used to make a baby smell good. Such baby scents are not essential for maintaining hygiene, but many people use them as they like to have their babies smell nice and fresh. On the other hand, some people find it unacceptable to use a perfume for a baby and cover up the natural baby smell. It is really a personal parental choice whether or not one should use a cologne for their child.

It is possible to buy cologne for babies online or from a regular supermarket, and a range of such baby scents are available for varying prices. It is a good idea to check the manufacture and expiration dates at the time of purchase. The bottle should be stored in a cool place and preferably where it is not subjected to strong sunlight.

The cologne products for babies are usually tested to make sure that they are non-toxic. Baby cologne does not contain alcohol and has a mild composition so that it will not be harsh on a baby's soft, delicate skin. While using this sort of fragrance for a baby is generally safe, it is still advisable to read the list of ingredients used to make it and to check with the child's pediatrician first.

If the baby suffers from any allergies or has any respiratory issues, it is recommended that cologne not be used; in such cases, there is a risk that the cologne might only aggravate the existing health problem or lead to more health complications. This health warning is generally printed on the baby cologne bottles, and most products also include the notice the cologne is to be kept out of reach of babies and young children; this is to prevent the children from inadvertently swallowing it.

To apply baby cologne to a baby, a little cologne should be poured in the palm and rubbed gently over the baby's body. Many colognes for babies have a gentle, delicate fragrance of flowers and citrus fruits. The baby cologne also seems to be popular with grown-ups for their own personal use. The scent is fresh and not overwhelming, and does not smell too evidently of a baby product. The cologne can be used in everyday situations without drawing too much overt attention towards the wearer.

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Baby cologne. Now I've heard everything. I always thought clean babies just smelled nice in and of themselves. Although, I would say some people should probably use baby cologne instead of the "eau de Phew" they're using now.

If a mom really wants her baby to smell nice, I'd say put a scented cotton ball in the drawer with the baby clothes. That would make the clothes smell nice, without mom having to actually put that stuff on her baby's skin. Or go a much cheaper route and put a dryer sheet in the drawer. You get a nice smell, the dryer sheet materials don't ever touch the baby's skin and it's a heck of a lot cheaper! A bar of Ivory Soap does the same thing.

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