What is B2B Media?

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Business to business (B2B) media are print, electronic, and video publications. They are designed to go straight from one business to another, however, rather than to an ordinary consumer. These types of productions are different from the media designed to be consumed by either employees or potential customers and can be used for informational as well as advertising purposes.

There are many different forms of B2B media. One common form is a print publication, which can take the form of a trade magazine or product brochure. Electronic media is also often used to deliver textual information or advertisements between businesses. Both of these types of print media may use graphics or other visual aids. In addition to text or graphics based media, videos are also commonly produced for the B2B media market.

Trade magazines often contain specific information and language that can make them inaccessible to the consumers that will eventually purchase the products or service. Instead of focusing on consumer-friendly sales pitches, trade magazines may provide more technical specifications that insiders in other industries will understand and be interested in. Using trade magazines allows B2B media to target the specific audience they would like to reach and to focus communication on that audience instead of on the general public.

B2B media often includes the use of video production as well. These videos can be advertising videos, designed to promote certain products or services, though they can also be created in order to train individuals in other businesses to use the products. These videos often lack the flashiness of advertisements designed for the public. They focus instead on providing useful information rather than creating name recognition and memorable ads.

The purpose of B2B media may be to allow a business to provide information to another business or for a business to advertise to another business. In B2B informational media, specific and highly technical information is often provided. In B2B media advertising, the tactics used to sell products or services are often different than those used in business to consumer ad campaigns. Often, these campaigns are much larger and involve long-term commitments between the two businesses.

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