What is Azulene Cream?

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Azulene cream is a facial cream whose main ingredient is chamomile. Azulene is a chemical compound known for its blue color, which is derived from chamomile flowers. Because of its blue color, azulene is also used as a coloring in soaps and cosmetics.

The history of azulene use reaches back to the 1400s, when the Germans first distilled and steamed the blue, oily compound through chamomile flowers. The use of azulene cream is said to help heal several kinds of skin ailments. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, azulene face cream is sometimes recommended by doctors to help with acne. It is sometimes used as a holistic treatment for rosacea, a skin disease which causes permanent flushing. Azulene cream has also been recommended as a treatment for sunburned skin.

In addition to its anti-inflammatory powers, azulene cream is also said to cleanse the pores. Used as an astringent, it can have a smoothing and tightening effect on the skin. For this reason, azulene cream is often sold as an anti-aging treatment to combat wrinkles.


Chamomile oil has a long history as a soothing compound. Its herbal scent is pleasant for many people and may have a calming effect when smelled. Thus, the use of scented azulene cream can be a pleasurable experience in and of itself. Like many moisturizers, azulene skin cream can help with dry skin. It is recommended that the cream be applied after toweling off from the shower so that it will be easily absorbed.

Azulene is also used as a color in soaps. The oil is mixed with white soaps to produce a blue color. If enough of the essence is used, the chamomile will also impart its scent to the soap. Depending on the time and temperature of distillation, chamomile oil may appear as many other colors, and the strength of its scent will also vary. In some cases, the oil may even be gold, which is particularly prized by the French.

Despite its widespread use in cosmetics, the benefits of azulene cream are controversial. In 2009, an ongoing study of the hundreds of medical uses for chamomile was published by MedlinePlus, a database maintained by the United States National Library of Medicine. Out of all the chamomile essences that are currently on the market, only 15 have undergone medical study. Azulene facial cream was on the list of items which could not be said to be clearly beneficial or detrimental when used as a treatment for skin conditions.


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Post 3

Someone in Germany recommended Dr. Grandel's azulene cream to me. Even there it's hard to find (try Reformhaus?). I don't know about double-blind studies or anything, but my experience has been extremely positive. And I'm a skeptical mid-forties Brit guy.

All I know is, it's not cheap but is very good for calming shaving rash, rapidly eliminating acne and spots etc. I haven't compared any similar products but I think this stuff works well and try to pick up a tube whenever I go to Germany.

Post 2

@ellaferris - Dr. Grandel skin care products are made in Germany. They use only all natural ingredients designed for a variety of skin conditions. I believe the top selling product is the Timeless Anti Aging Face Cream made with chamomile, wheat germ and beech extract.

There is no official website for the Dr. Grandel skin care line because their products are sold through distributors who have their own websites to advertise on and to sell the products for them.

You might not be finding any reviews because they're not widely known and their products can only be purchased online. Also they're a little more expensive than other skin care creams with the same or similar active ingredients.


for your information, I have seen the Dr. Grandel line of products being sold through merchants on Amazon and a few of the products have reviews which appear to be all positive.

The Timeless Anti-Age Reviatalizing skin moisturizers can be purchased for under seventy dollars. It's a small jar but I hear a little goes a long way.

Post 1

Has anyone ever heard of Dr. Grandel's azulene cream products? When I do an online search for azulene based skin care products that name shows up in the search results.

I can't seem to find any customer reviews or even a specific website for Dr. Grandel. I'd like to know what kind of results other women have had with their anti wrinkle products before spending seventy-five dollars for one tube.

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