What Is Avocado Soup?

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Avocado soup is a hot or cold soup that uses avocado as the primary ingredient. There are many variations on this recipe. Some are creamy, with the ingredients blended to a velvety finish. Others use roughly diced chunks of avocado along with pieces of tofu, chicken, or beans as a protein, and other vegetables as well.

Some people prefer chilled soups for summer lunches and dinners. These versions of avocado soup often have a dairy element, such as sour cream, buttermilk, or yogurt that provides a subtle touch of sweetness to the base. Often, these chilled soups contain few, if any, additional ingredients to keep them lighter than a heartier winter soup might be.

While summertime avocado soup tends to be light, flavor enhancers such as a squeeze of lime, a few drops of Caribbean hot sauce, or a handful of chopped cilantro served as a garnish brightens and layers the flavors. Creative home cooks can experiment with using a base of cold herb tea such as mint or jasmine instead of a dairy base for variety. Another alternative to a dairy base is to blend chilled, peeled cucumbers with avocado. If they are available, floating one or two edible nasturtium blossoms in the bowl adds an unusual splash of color. Nasturtiums also supply an unusual peppery bite that this soup welcomes.


Those who prefer hot soups can choose from a wide range of avocado-based types. Using rich chicken broth is the foundation for a Mexican avocado soup that also contains shredded chicken, cilantro, and a dollop of sour cream. Tortilla strips and a lime wedge garnish this version nicely. To create a Mexican soup for cold winter evenings, hominy or black beans add hearty flavor. Adding a little chipotle chili pepper or a few drops of hot sauce adds to the authenticity.

A New England style soup with a very different flavor includes crab or lobster. Some cooks add tiny roasted potatoes. Others prefer to cook one or two large potatoes as part of the soup, then blend that with the avocado and a little buttermilk or sour cream. Adding corn kernels and some lightly sautéed onion creates an interesting texture.

A wonderfully rich avocado soup with Middle Eastern echoes will result from creating blended base of avocado, chicken, or vegetable broth, and heavy cream. Curry powder or prepared curry paste added to this soup together with finely minced ginger and a squeeze of lime creates a delicious and fragrant meal. Sprinkling the soup with fresh chopped mint leaves provides a nice finish.


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