What Is Avocado Honey?

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Avocado honey is a type of honey that, contrary to its name, is known for its rich, buttery, molasses-like taste. The dark-colored honey originates from the southern regions of Mexico and is predominately found in Central America, Australia and California. Obtained from the nectar of avocado blossoms, the honey is considered somewhat of a rarity because avocado blossoms are in season about the same time as citrus blossoms, the latter of which is more preferred by honey bees. Although difficult to obtain, consumers of avocado honey can enjoy many benefits from the condiment, including uses for food, health and beauty regimens.

Its unique taste makes this honey useful for adding flavor to a variety of foods, and it can serve as a substitute for sugar or molasses. Traditionally, the honey can be drizzled over fruits, cakes and pies to add to the foods' already sweet flavoring. By combining avocado honey with virgin olive oil and mustard, a unique taste can be added to salads and freshly baked breads. Finally, because of its versatility in taste, this honey can even be used as a glaze for salmon, beef, pork, chicken and grilled vegetables.


For individuals who prefer natural remedies for common health issues, avocado honey can deliver multiple health benefits. The honey has high levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, so it can be dabbed onto cuts and burns to speed up the healing process, offering much of the same relief that aloe vera plants provide. If an individual lives in the same locale as avocado blossoms, then the honey can also provide relief from seasonal pollen allergies. Ingesting the honey allows one to build up immunity to pollen found both from avocado blossoms and other flowers located within the same area.

A more creative use of avocado honey is as a homemade facial mask. Honey has been used for hair and skin treatments since about 40 B.C., when Cleopatra famously popularized milk and honey baths to moisturize the skin. Since then, honey has become a popular ingredient in mass produced cosmetics, including skin moisturizers, facial masks, shower gels, shampoos and hair conditioners. Similarly, avocado fruits are known to provide moisturizing benefits, clear out pores and reduce acne. By combining a fresh avocado with avocado honey, individuals can create a unique facial mask to provide maximum relief from dry weather, especially during harsh winters.


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Post 5

Glasis, avocado honey is produced in south Florida in the United States and can be purchased for about $4 or $5 a bottle.

Post 4

The article says avocado honey is hard to get. Where is it available in the United States, and how much does it cost?

Post 3

The article makes it sound as if avocado honey is a product that has a little something for everyone. I have used honey as a mask before. My face feels so clean and refreshed following a honey mask, that is wiped off with juice from a fresh lemon. It is the perfect mask/astringent combination. I bet the avocado honey face mask is even better. That Cleopatra was one smart queen. I will try an avocado and honey face mask, if I can find it sold near me and if I can keep from eating it first.

Post 2

Avocado honey comes from Mexico and primarily Central America and California. Why has California keeping the good stuff to itself? I have never seen avocado honey sold in any store or gourmet shop. Do I really have to go to California, or travel outside the country to experience it? I would like to try a dollop in a mound of guacamole dip.

Post 1

Avocado honey. Yum! I have never tried it, or even heard of avocado-honey before reading this informative post, but it sounds delicious. I have had citrus honey, but not until recently, understood that citrus honey is made by bees that pollenated citrus trees. Clover honey, from clover pollination and all other honey varieties the same. It is fascinating, the "secret lives of bees".

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