What Is Avocado Dip?

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Avocado dip, sometimes called guacamole, is a dish made by blending fresh avocados with sour cream, tomatoes, and onions. This dip is served with tortilla chips, crackers, or Mexican dishes, such as taco salad. It may also be spread on thick bread to make an open-faced sandwich. This dip is popular in Mexico and the United States, but is also served in many other countries throughout the world.

Preparing avocados is an important first step in making this dip. First, the fruits are peeled and pitted before being cut into small pieces. After this, the avocados can be placed in a blender along with sour cream, tomatoes, onions, and seasonings. Salsa may sometimes be used in placed of the tomato and onions. These ingredients are then processed until they are evenly blended and have a smooth yet thick consistency.

After being processed, avocado dip is typically chilled before being served. The finished product will be light green in color and have a very smooth texture. It is also very thick, which makes it ideal to use as a dip for tortilla chips. Many people also like to serve it along with Mexican dishes, such as taco salad or burritos. It can also be spread on bread or crackers and served as an appetizer or light snack.


The taste of avocado dips can vary from one recipe to the next. This is because some people like to add things such as hot sauce or lime juice to avocado dip. Dip made with hot sauce could have a spicy flavor, especially if salsa was also added. Preparing avocados with citrus juice could result in a dip that has a somewhat tangy flavor.

Avocado dip is served throughout the world, but is most often found in North America. The dish is served throughout Mexico, and is also popular in the southwestern United States. It is also be a staple in many Mexican restaurants, no matter where they are located. People throughout the world may be able to purchase this dip in a number of ethnic food stores.

Very little cooking skill is needed in order to make avocado dip. This dish can easily be modified to suit individual taste or changed based upon the availability of other ingredients. Once prepared, the dip can be kept for several days provided it is covered and refrigerated. People who are planning an informal party may want to make some of this dip for their guests to enjoy because it is inexpensive as well.


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Post 3

I love to look up recipes for dips because I figure that everyone loves dips and you can eat them at almost any time. I would rather know how to make a good dip than a good beef stew.

I always expect that I will see avocados more often because of their texture but they seem to only get used in guacamole dip recipes. @summing mentioned another kind of dip but do people have other examples? With summer coming I would love to be able to take advantage of all the fresh avocados we are about to get.

Post 2

I have a recipe for easy avocado dip that I make all the time. It tastes like guacamole to me but I'm not sure if it is fair to call it that.

Basically all you do is take an avocado or two, season with pepper, salt and garlic powder and then mash it up. The seasonings really enhance the flavor of the avocado and the fruit is so naturally creamy from the start that it is almost already like a dip. It's delicious and it couldn't be easier.

Post 1

When people hear avocado dip they always think immediately of guacamole dip, but there are actually lots of other kinds of dip you can make with avocados that do not taste anything like guacamole.

I have one recipe for avocado dip that combines the avocado with cream cheese and some green onions. The result is great on a cracker. It is creamy from the cheese and avocado but you get the green flavor and some kick from the onions. I love to serve it at parties. It always gets eaten up.

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