What is Automatic Plant Watering?

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Automatic plant watering systems are designed to provide a certain amount of water to plants without the owner having to take the time to water the plants manually. The various systems store extra water and add more to the soil of potted plants when they become dry. They are designed for use with indoor plants, though certain automatic plant watering systems will work with hanging or potted outdoor plants.

One of the simplest forms of automatic plant watering relies on filling a container with water and allowing it to drain into the soil over time. The Aqua Globe&tm; plant watering device is an example of this method. It has a large glass bulb on one end, for storing water, attached to a thin tube inserted into the soil. As the soil of the plant dries out, the water slowly soaks down into the dirt from the Aqua Globe&tm;.

This effect can also be achieved by filling a water bottle and punching a small hole in the lid, then inserting the bottle upside down into the soil. This type of system can be used in hanging or potted outdoor plants. It will not work for flowers or plants that are planted directly in the ground.


Other automatic plant watering systems include hanging containers and small machines that water the plant on a regular basis with a controlled amount of water. The hanging containers are attached to the side of the plant pot and provide a steady drip of water into the soil. Automatic plant watering machines can be used when a family goes on vacation, and can water up to 14 plants, depending on the type of machine.

To operate, the machine is filled with water and set on an even surface at the same height as the plants that needed watering, or slightly above them. It should never be kept near anything that could be damaged if the water leaks. A long hose is attached to a number of small cones that are pushed into the soil of each plant. The hose transports water into each of these cones, giving the plant the desired amount. The system comes with a test feature to allow the owner to adjust how much water each plant is getting.

For other systems, as with the Aqua Globe&tm;, the owner only needs to check that the device has enough water. To ensure the system works properly, check that the tank is filled and that the machine is turned on, if required. Mechanical plant watering systems can only be used indoors.


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