What is Autodialing?

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In an ongoing effort to compete in a world where services are many and customers are limited, many companies will use autodialing systems to improve their chances of building their clientele. Here are some basics of autodialing, how the programs work, and what they mean for the consumer.

The process of autodialing is actually very simple. Autodialing equipment is connected to a matrix of available phone lines or trunks. Software allows the system to load lists of telephone numbers that will be queued for dialing. When activated, the auto dialer will begin to call each number on the listing. Depending on the capabilities of the system, the number of simultaneous dialings may be a few dozen or into the thousands.

When the autodialer senses that a connection has been made, an automated message, complete with instructions on how to get to a live person will begin to play. In other versions of the auto dialing software, a connected call will be routed to a live attendant, who will interact with the person called.


The use of autodialing is not confined to business solicitations. Many charities use autodialing techniques to maximize their outreach for support from the community. During local, state, and federal election periods, autodialing is a common means of getting the message out about key stances taken by the candidates. Even some large religious organizations have begun to use autodialing to contact members of large congregations with an automated message about upcoming services and events. Basically, if there is a message that needs to go out to a large sector of the public, autodialing is a potential solution.

The use of autodialing equipment has become more prominent in recent years, as more organizations have found applications for the product. However, many persons choose to allow inbound calls from numbers that they do not recognize to roll to voice mail. This can sometimes be confusing, as the autodialing protocols will read this as a connected call, even if it is connected to an answering machine or voice mail. This is what leads to some people checking phone messages and finding a partial business advertisement has been recorded, or hears a message with someone asking for someone by name or repeatedly saying hello before disconnecting from the line.

In spite of the screening that goes on, many companies find that autodialing technology is very helpful in securing new customers, as well as selling new products or services to existing customers. In like manner, many charitable organizations find that support increases when autodialing is used to alert the public of upcoming events and needs within the community. While some may see autodialing as another invasion into the home, others see it as an ideal means of getting the word out and reaching more people with the message.


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