What is Auralgan?

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Auralgan is the brand name of a certain kind of prescription-only ear drops that is most commonly used to treat swimmer's ear and ear infections. This medication is also sometimes used to remove excessive earwax buildup in the ear canal. These drops commonly contain benzocaine, a topical anesthetic that provides pain relief; antipyrine, a painkiller that also treats inflammation; dehydrated glycerin that has the effect of softening earwax; and sometimes other additional ingredients such as zinc acetate, which are added for their skin-protecting properties. There are other ear drops that contain similar ingredients to auralgan, and these medications are often called antipyrine and benzocaine ear drops, or a/b drops, and are used the same way.

This medication is often used to treat acute otitis media, commonly called middle ear inflammation or ear infection. When used as an ear infection medication, the drops work as a pain reliever and as a congestion reliever, reducing the swelling in the ear, while treating the inflammation itself. Auralgan is often prescribed together with an oral antibiotic when treating ear infections. In these cases, the drops provide more immediate relief than the oral antibiotic which can take a few days to start working.


Swimmer's ear, or otitis externa, is a skin inflammation that occurs in the external parts of the ear, or in the ear canal. It is usually treated with auralgan or other types of ear drops. This type of inflammation is usually caused by a fungal or bacterial infection, and auralgan has antibacterial properties that can help treat this condition. It also relieves the pain and swelling associated with it.

These ear drops are to be inserted into the ear canal using a dropper. One can tilt one's head or lay down on one's side to administer the drops. Afterward, one should keep the head tilted for approximately two minutes. To prevent the medication from getting contaminated, it is important that the dropper does not touch the ear. Having another person help administer the drops can be helpful. When using auralgan for ear wax removal, the ear can be rinsed carefully with warm water the day after application.

Usually, auralgan will begin to relieve the treated condition within a few days. One should consult the prescribing doctor if there is no improvement. Auralgan should not be used if the ear drum has ruptured or if there is fluid draining from the ear. Do not use this medication in the eyes or on other parts of the body.


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