What is Auction Management?

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Auction management is the activity of organizing and handling online auctions. Auction management tools are usually used on auction websites like eBay® and by power sellers who have large stocks of items. Almost everything associated with an auction can be controlled and managed using auction management tools.

Part of the attractiveness of auction management tools is their ability to streamline the process of creating auction listings for sellers. An auction management tool can provide templates, product image hosting and gallery choices for sellers who have many products to move. Using a management tool can reduce the risk of sellers becoming overwhelmed by the auction listing process.

One of the main benefits of using these types of tools is that they allow sellers to receive auction payment. Financial information can be kept on record and accessed without requiring that buyers go through an auction website's payment center. While a third-party checkout is most popularly found on eBay®, other websites like Amazon®, Yahoo!® and Overstock® that host auctions may also allow the implementation of a third-party checkout system.


To use auction management tools, sellers can pay a flat-rate monthly or they may choose to pay per item. Fee schedules vary between management tools and often utilize a complex algorithm to determine the appropriate fees. While some tools simply operate on monthly plans, others charge a standard fee to list items and take a percentage of money out of the final sale price. Pre-paid credit models may also be implemented into the tool; in these systems, sellers set up accounts, deposit money into them and have fees deducted from accounts items are sold. These types of systems may work for sellers who are concerned with budgeting or who simply don't want to be charged for an item that doesn't sell.

Tools for auction management can be hosted on websites or they can be installed on a computer running any platform. However, not all tools can be used in every country and licenses may vary between management solutions. A seller who is interested in using one of these tools should compare all available options and take advantage of any trial memberships that companies offer. Knowing how to work the management tool can mean the difference between a profiting seller and one who can't move his stock. In addition, sellers may be able to save money on usage fees by simply selecting a management tool that they are comfortable using and that charges fairly.


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