What is Arsenicum Album?

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Arsenic is present in metals and it can be used to make arsenicum album, which is a common homeopathic substance that has been and continues to be considered a vital remedy for a variety of conditions. The amounts of arsenic in arsenicum album are almost null because the process by which derivation occurs, through baking metals, leaves virtually no arsenic left. Provided a reputable company manufactures this homeopathic remedy, chances of accidental poisoning are extremely slim, and would usually only result if a company did not derive arsenicum album, also known as arsenicum trioxide, properly. That being said, there have occasionally been accidental poisoning cases in Asia as a result of poor quality control in manufacturing.

A number of recommendations in homeopathic medicine sources exist for the use of arsenicum album. It is often primarily suggested for the treatment of nervous disorders, especially panic disorder. Other homeopaths claim it can treat depression too, and that it may be helpful in treating any diseases of the skin that cause boils or blisters or to cure food poisoning. It’s also thought to aid in reducing fevers and to help cure bronchitis. Other conditions for which homeopaths might recommend this substance include malaria, Crohn’s disease, and herpes.


There are many different ways a person can take aresenicum trioxide. It is available in powdered forms, tablets and tinctures. Dosing can be variable depending on the source, and it’s recommended to read instructions, particularly when switching from one brand to another. Some homeopathic and herbal remedies combine more than one substance together, and it is possible to see arsenicum album sold in mixes with other ingredients too.

There is little significant evidence on the many claims attached to arsenicum album. It is a commonly recommended homeopathic remedy, and from an anecdotal standpoint, it appears to aid some people. Most sources that discuss its use talk about its safety and effectiveness, but there is some evidence that it isn’t for everyone. Some suggestion exists that this remedy should not be used by people taking heart rhythm medications or thioridazine, and there’s also some evidence that combining diuretics and arsenicum trioxide may cause unsafe changes in electrolyte balance.

Since there is not a large body of scientific work, featuring double blind clinical trials and evaluating potential side effects or interactions with other medications and conditions, it’s a good idea to weigh taking this remedy carefully. In particular, people should discuss their decision to use arsenicum album with their doctors if they take other medications or have any chronic health conditions. When taking any form of homeopathic remedy, people should remember to always give this information to doctors when asked what medicines they take.


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