What Is Arabia Mountain State Park?

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Arabia Mountain State Park, more accurately called Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area, is a small section of the US state of Georgia which has been recognized by the federal government for its unique natural and cultural history. The natural features of the area include the granite rock formation known as Arabia Mountain as well as forests, waterways, and numerous plants and animals. Contributing to the area’s National Heritage status is its cultural history, which can be glimpsed through the slave cemeteries and historic homes that lie within its borders. Many visitors to the park come to hike or bike the Arabia Mountain Trail.

The Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area, referred to by some as Arabia Mountain State Park, is a 65 square mile (104.6 square kilometer) section of land in the north-central region of Georgia. It has been named a National Heritage Area by the US government, a designation which indicates that the combination of the region’s natural and socio-cultural histories make it unique. As with all National Heritage areas, the US government provides guidance to the communities within and around the Arabia Mountain area as to preserving the region’s natural and historical assets and maintaining a local tourism industry.


Perhaps the most notable natural attribute of the region sometimes mistakenly referred to as Arabia Mountain State Park is Arabia Mountain itself. This 940 foot (286.5 meter) granite formation is a monadnock, or a mass of rock that juts upward from an otherwise fairly flat segment of land. The area around the mountain also features lakes, streams, and forests. Among the wide variety of plant life found in the area are Georgia oak trees and the distinctive red plant known as Diamorpha. It is also home to such animals as hawks, bobcats, and deer.

One of the reasons that the area sometimes called Arabia Mountain State Park has earned a National Heritage designation is that it has a rich cultural history. There is evidence that the mountain itself has been quarried for many centuries. In addition, the area houses two slave cemeteries as well as a preserved plantation, each which has the potential to tell visitors a great deal about the nature of life in this region in centuries past.

Many visit this area in order to experience its natural beauty. The Arabia Mountain Trail, which provides views of the mountain and the land which surrounds it, is enjoyed by many hikers and bikers each year. Some nature lovers prefer to choose a scenic spot in the area in which to take photographs or simply sit and relax.


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