What is Appliance Paint?

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Appliance paint is paint designed specifically for painting household items like microwaves and refrigerators. This type of paint generally comes in the form of a repair kit with newly purchased appliances, but can also be bought to change the color of older items. It is not suitable for all types of devices, since it cannot be used on high temperature surfaces, such as range tops. However, it can be used on refrigerators, trash compactors, range hoods and other devices that do not generate high heat.

This type of paint comes in either spray or brush-on variety. Brush-on versions are generally reserved for repairing chips or scratches in the surface of the appliance. Spray-on paint is available for refinishing the entire surface. In addition to repairing or refinishing the surface of an appliance, there is also appliance paint designed especially for re-coating vinyl dishwasher racks and resurfacing the inside of microwave ovens.


While most appliance paint will state it is not for use with high heat devices such as stoves, there is paint available that is designed for high-heat surfaces. Though heat resistant paint may work well for resurfacing a barbecue grill, fireplace screen, or radiator, it may not work well on a range top. Most range tops are porcelain, and while small chips or scratches can be repaired on a range top, attempting to repaint the entire range top may not yield the desired result. If you are considering painting your oven, you should consult a professional painter on types of paint and application techniques.

Since most forms of appliance paint are spray paints, it becomes necessary to either move the device outdoors or create a well-protected and well-ventilated work area indoors. Before using any paint, be sure to cover all nearby surfaces with a sheet or plastic and mask off any parts of the project you do not want painted. Very little preparation to the actual project surface is necessary, except for thoroughly washing and drying the surface before painting. Be sure to follow the specific manufacturer’s instructions that accompany any paint you buy.

Though this type of paint is great for touching up small nicks and scratches to keep your appliances looking new, it can also go a long way towards providing quick solutions to common problems. Appliance paint may come in handy for a kitchen redo and is a quick fix for range hoods and dishwasher fronts that might not match newly purchased or moved appliances.


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