What Is Apple Soup?

Cynde Gregory

Most folks playing a word association game won’t come back with the word apple as a response to the word soup, but maybe they should. Apples belong in pies, in lunch boxes, and chopped into fruit salad, but they also make a fine base for gently sweet, cold-weather soup. Apple soup is something of a misnomer because the apple partners with another hearty vegetable such as squash or potatoes in most recipes. Variations in the soup pot might include sweet potatoes, carrots, or tomatoes, as well as seafood or meat.


An easy, creamy apple soup marries apple with squash and simmers in chicken or vegetable broth together with a splash of apple juice, onion, and thyme. Once cooked, the veggies hop into the blender for a spin. A dollop of sour cream and a sprinkle of chives makes the soup sing.

Roasted red peppers, which can be added to apple soup.
Roasted red peppers, which can be added to apple soup.

Another version of creamy apple soup substitutes pumpkin for squash and adds maple syrup and heavy cream. This one isn’t low calorie, but it’s oh so good. To change up the flavor, the clever cook needs only to add a little curry powder or paste and perhaps some minced ginger.

Apple soup can be made using either chicken or vegetable stock.
Apple soup can be made using either chicken or vegetable stock.

Cooks in a hurry can skip peeling and seeding the apples and grab a can or two of apple pie filling instead. This sweet version of apple soup can be served before the meal, but it’s easy enough to convince kids it’s really a dessert. As it contains carrots, onion, and celery, it’s a clever way to sneak in a little extra nutrition that the little ones won’t even notice.

Dieters appreciate a chipotle apple soup made with sweet potato, ginger, and onion. Using chicken stock is an option, but vegetable stock works as well. The addition of canned chipotle in adobo sauce adds subtle heat and deepens the flavor.

Making soup the color of a sunset is a cinch by adding roasted red peppers and tomatoes to a base of apple cider and heavy cream. Onions and garlic ground the taste, and a little white wine adds a top note. Once everything has cooked to the point of softness, it’s time to blend it with a dab of sambal chili paste and a little stone-ground mustard.

Hungarian apple soup will convince company the cook is a true genius. Yukon Gold potatoes, sage, and hot Hungarian paprika in addition to peeled or unpeeled, tart, cooking apples and chicken broth are all this soup requires. After creaming it in the blender, it’s best served with sour cream. To dress it up, cooks nestle crabmeat or a couple of shrimp on top of the sour cream.

Apple soup is best served with sour cream.
Apple soup is best served with sour cream.

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Based on my experience, while I do enjoy apple soup quite a bit, in some ways, I wouldn't even call it "apple" soup, if that makes sense. Though there's nothing wrong with putting apples in there, on the other hand, some variations contain so little apples, that it wouldn't make much a difference whether you put apples in there or not. In fact, that's one thing I find to be interesting about apple soup. Due to the sweetness of the fruit, it's a pretty wise choice to limit how many apples you put in there. While it does work sometimes, at other times, it doesn't compliment too well with the dish.


I really enjoy how the article starts off, as it's actually quite humorous, especially where it's mentioned that many people won't think of apples when the word "soup" comes to mind, as that's very true. It just goes to show, that a soup isn't always a concoction loads with beans and vegetables. In fact, some variations can be rather sweet. While I have never tried apple soup before, I can't help but wonder if it's very similar to apple cider.

I mention this because the article notes that the soup would be a sweet dish for cold weather. And generally speaking, don't people eat more apple-based drinks and desserts during the Holidays? Based on this, that makes perfect sense. On the other hand, I can see why apple soup would turn some people away. Even the article makes note of that, where it's said to be a misnomer because the fruit mixes with the vegetables.

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