What is Anti-Piracy Software?

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Anti-piracy software is sophisticated software that is designed to prevent the illegal copying or unauthorized use of different types of software programs. Different kinds of piracy protection software programs are in use today, with some types included on CDs and other media that are used to load new software onto various electronic devices. Other examples are designed to prevent hacking activity that make it possible to not only copy software loaded onto hard drives but also prevent capturing any information generated and stores using those protected software programs.

The need for anti-piracy software is greater now than at any time since the advent of the personal computer. Piracy of software programs results in the loss of huge amounts of revenue for owners and developers of many types of programs. By illegally seizing and copying software, electronic thieves can create bootleg copies for almost no expense at all. In turn, they are able to sell the illegal software disks for less than the originals and still make a hefty return for their work.

Many people are surprised to learn there are a number of free anti-piracy software products on the market today. These programs are designed to work with different types of operating systems, minimizing the ability of anyone to gain access and copy proprietary software. As a bonus, these free products also prevent the copying of any data, such as client lists or financial information, that was created using the proprietary software programs.


On a manufacturer's level, many software developers include anti-piracy software on the disks containing the software for various applications. This helps to make it impossible to duplicate the disk itself by creating copies. At the same time, manufacturers who sell limited licenses on the software can rest assured that only the allowed number of users can load and operate the software. This precaution prevents the unethical practice of purchasing software that comes with four or five licenses and attempting to allow ten to twelve people to simultaneously use the software.

While piracy laws have been passed in many countries, the reality is that software piracy continues to be a problem just about everywhere. The development of anti-piracy programs to combat this type of activity is a constant process. Since hackers and software pirates usually find ways to work around older versions of anti-piracy software, manufacturers are constantly developing new versions of existing programs as well as new products to deal with software theft in all its forms.


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Post 3

If you travel to other countries that have more lax anti-piracy laws, does the software you purchase there come with fewer restrictions and anti-piracy features?

I would love to have some of the programs I use to be more easily installed on multiple systems. I don't think it is fair that I have to buy two entirely new licenses if I want to put software on my home computer, laptop, as well as the one at work.

I think that while some of the bigger brands do come with a certain number of licenses available for install off a single purchase, that the problem rests with smaller companies that seem to take the catch all approach.

Post 2

If you purchase software that has an anti-piracy feature, does this mean you are not allowed to back it up for your own use?

While I understand the need to make sure that intellectual property is secure, I think that a lot of the anti-piracy practices have gotten extreme. I don't like having my programs locked to one system or method of storage.

I know with some of my digital music that I can't transfer it to additional players, which can be a real pain. I have to rip it into another format to get it to work on my other players. I think the assumption that we only need one copy of something can be problematic.

Post 1

mobile apps are getting hacked a lot? is it covered by the same law?

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