What is Anti-Frizz Serum?

Micki Elizabeth

Anti-frizz serum is a thick, liquid substance resembling an oil used to prevent hair from frizzing. A number of these products are available on the market to help tame unruly hair and protect against further damage. One may find it best, however, to avoid serums containing thick oils; these could further damage the make up and appearance of hair, causing it to feel and appear greasy. Silicone-based serums, which have the ingredients dimethicone and cyclomethicone, tend to be the most beneficial because they are fortified with proteins essential to growing hair—they tame flyaway strands while also protecting hair from further damage from the environment. Cream-based anti-frizz products are another good choice.

Anti-frizz serum reduces frizz and brittleness.
Anti-frizz serum reduces frizz and brittleness.

Frizz is a condition that affects hair and causes it to appear dry or damaged when loose strands curl or “fly away” from the rest of the hair. This plight can be a result of humidity or the use of products or equipment that strip hair of necessary proteins and oils. Frizz can also simply be genetic; those with curly hair or thin or fine strands tend to experience the condition most often.

Anti-frizz serum may especially benefit those with curly hair.
Anti-frizz serum may especially benefit those with curly hair.

Anti-frizz serums may also make hair appear shinier as a result of restoring dull strands. Many types of hair will also reflect light more when a light silicone is applied. Most consumers report that various serums likewise help the hair to achieve a more desirable texture. When flyaway strands are tamed and damaged hair is restored, locks that once felt brittle and coarse could take on a feeling of strength and softness.

Some anti-frizz serums can weigh down hair, making it look dull and lank.
Some anti-frizz serums can weigh down hair, making it look dull and lank.

Though each product may come with varied directions of use, in general, one should first wash and condition hair as usual. Most serums can be applied to wet or dry hair or both before and after drying the hair. It is important to remember that, though the product may feel lightweight, one should begin with a small amount of the product; too much may cause an adverse effect. Commonly, it is not advisable to apply anti-frizz serum directly to the scalp for the same reason.

Anti-frizz serums may promote shinier hair.
Anti-frizz serums may promote shinier hair.

There are a number of different anti-frizz serum manufacturers, and each product can yield unique results for different users. Many anti-frizz products are relatively inexpensive, and recipes for home remedies can be found online. Consumers may find customer reviews on websites helpful in order to gain an understanding of a product’s claims versus its actual results.

Anti-frizz serum should be applied after hair has been washed.
Anti-frizz serum should be applied after hair has been washed.

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A great anti-frizz hairspray or treatment has to be the one from pro naturals. Check it out!


@SalmonRiver- I can relate! It seems like you can take every product known to man (or woman) and not be much better off than when you started. I have used salon products that have worked well, but they are hard on the budget. There are some worthwhile serums you can find without breaking the bank.

For me, the best anti-frizz product outside of the salon would have to be Not Your Mother’s Rise & Shine Silky Smooth Shine Mist. I was first attracted to the line by the funny name and reasonable price. Check them out if you can.


I have frizzy hair, too. I think I have tried just about every product you can find on the shelf. I think I might have to give up and go to a salon.

Maybe there is a product I don’t know about. My hair is too hard to tame! What are the best anti-frizz serums other readers out there have used? I would love to know.


My hair is naturally curly. Anti-frizz serum has been a lifesaver for me. I must have half a dozen different kinds on my bathroom shelf, and that doesn’t include to handful in my overnight bags.

Anyone who isn’t fortunate to have smooth, tame hair should really invest in a decent smoothing serum. I would recommend getting an anti-frizz shine serum, really. The added shine makes my hair look so much healthier.

I’m not one of those people that can accomplish a salon look at home, but anti-frizz shine serum helps get me as close as I can. This is one of those ‘can’t miss’ products for your hair care regiment.

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