What is an SQL Client Connection?

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Computers require special software to connect to external data sources. A structured query language (SQL) client connection is software that provides this type of connectivity. SQL technology is most often used in the Microsoft® programming languages. This connection technology is specifically designed to transmit data over the Internet to an external database.

The SQL client connection is a tool used in client-server technology. This approach was first introduced with Visual Basic® programming in 1998. Client-server programs are software programs that use the resources from a computer desktop or laptop.

SQL client connection software is easy to use. There are several training aids available that explain how to use this software. Good training guides can be found on the Internet or in most technical bookstores. A standard manual will typically include examples, study material, and training aids designed specifically for IT professionals.

Software programs use functions to store and manipulate data. The SQL client connection includes a standard set of functions designed specifically for this purpose. These functions make it easier for programmers to transmit and save data to a database.

SQL software is commonly used by database engineering professionals. The SQL client connection is a software tool that connects a computer to a database. Once the connection is established, the computer can begin transferring data from the user computer to an external database.


There are many types of SQL client connections available. These range in complexity and usage, depending on the specific type of database. It is important to read the vendor documentation before using this technology, as this will make it easier for programming.

The connection string object is a string of data that is used in the SQL client connection. This string typically includes the database name, Internet Protocol (IP) address, and user identification information. The connection string is fundamental for a successful client connection because it points the computer system to an external server over the Internet.

The SQL client connection includes special timeout features. This provides an automatic disconnect option when a network error occurs. The timeout feature has default values that a programmer can override. This feature is designed to prompt the user when a database connection is lost.

Connection pooling is an advanced programming feature that is available in client-server technology. This allows multiple users to share the same SQL client connection. Using connection pooling requires an understanding of advanced database architecture and should be avoided by novice programmers.


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