What Is an Ostomy Pouch Cover?

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An ostomy pouch cover is a fabric covering designed to slip over an ostomy pouch. Wearing a cover over an ostomy bag addresses several issues that accompany wearing a pouch, including the appearance of the pouch, the noise created by the plastic bag as it moves, as well as skin irritation caused by chafing. There are several companies that sell these covers, and some provide covers in a wide variety of patterns and colors, and others even design custom covers that precisely fit an individual's ostomy pouch. Many people find that an ostomy pouch cover is an important tool in managing their condition and returning to a normal, active lifestyle.

Due to a variety of medical conditions, some people may undergo a procedure that creates a stoma, or a hole, in their abdomen through which urine or feces can pass. These waste products pass through the stoma and into a bag or pouch that is attached to the user's skin with a special adhesive. The person who wears the pouch must periodically empty and clean or replace the ostomy pouch as it fills with waste during the day.

While an ostomy pouch is worn under a person's clothes and is typically not detectable by others, the pouch is made of plastic and may make some noise as its wearer moves. An ostomy pouch cover is typically made of a soft fabric that can help reduce this noise and thus minimize or reduce embarrassment for the wearer. In addition, some people find that they might develop a rash or discomfort from the ongoing contact between the ostomy pouch and their skin. Typically, an ostomy pouch cover is made from a very soft fabric that is generally nonirritating to most people's skin. With the cover over the bag, rashes and irritation are much less likely.

Other reasons for wearing an ostomy pouch cover include the fact that some pouches are transparent, so the cover hides the pouch's contents. Many wearers appreciate this feature for meeting their own sensibilities and also may feel much less self-conscious in front of a spouse or intimate partner when their bag is covered by an attractive cover. In fact, some manufacturers produce ostomy pouch covers in lingerie-type fabrics, such as lace and satin. This type of covering serves as camouflage and can make a real difference in the quality of life for those who are living with a stoma.

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